ADD Agency

Centred around Will MoraADD Agency which hails from El Paso in the USA is an electro-sex project.

ADD Agency

ADD Agency

Drawing unashamed reference of the material from Blitz Kids in London betwixt ’79 and ’80 Add Agency reconstitute the scene to the ’10s. Pulses of sounds neatly wrestle with glistening flesh as the music lays a backdrop to prolonged and delayed orgasm.

The oiled synths slithers around the room imparting teasing tongue lashes, whilst bass thrusts passionately in the background beckoning satiation to which varied vocals seek to satisfy and from ether regions scattered guitar passes commentary as percussion bonds the writhing mass.

Long-time in gestation Add Agency released a single Emma Stone back in February 2012 and the follow-up LP Gemstone Radar is only to surface on the 30th. Those who know me well are aware of the tease and denial sites of which I am the Editor, but even to most of the Mistresses and Masters who feature therein – running towards four years in a cage is somewhat excessive.

Music to add to the ‘night without boundaries’ playlist.


Gemstone Radar – Add Agency is available on iTunes.*

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Eve’s Twin Lover

Tim Flood (Vocals / Guitar), Owen Cooper (Bass), Lindsay Verstegen (Vocals / Keyboard), Will Phalen (Guitar) and Taylor Dunlap (Drums) from Chicago in the USA form the melting-rock band Eve’s Twin Lover.

Eve's Twin Lover - melting-rock from the USA

Eve’s Twin Lover

As you will have gathered by the genre descriptor the output of Eve’s Twin Lover will not have you pogoing around the room, it will however hold you entranced by the luxuriant ambience which takes over the spaces. Like an arachnid imperceptibly building its web so the quintet deliver content that will, unbeknown, have you wrapped in the silky threads.

The subtle keys are the fulcrum by which Eve’s Twin Lover is able to wrap the sounds beguilingly into the mind, to which softly spoken brushes of drum-skin create the textures. The bass unhurriedly steers the tracks forward, whilst the guitars build the layers from which the voices are able to gently flow into the ears. What is there not to enjoy with music that is best taken with the scent of Patchouli Oil?

Formed a few years ago, much like their music Eve’s Twin Lover remain understated, which is a great pity as they add considerably to the world of music and one can only hope that the mesmerising just under fifty minutes LP – Fable Bait, which was released last month and set for first live play through on the 12th at Hideout in their home town, will find them a far wider audience, with their music which transcends both decades and geo-political boundaries.


Fable Bait – Eve’s Twin Lover is available on iTunes.

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Scott Goldbaum (Vocals / Guitar), Molly Rogers (Viola / Vocals / Keys), Mike Mussleman (Drums) and Nick Chadian (Bass) – from Los Angeles in the USA form the alt-rock band Forebear.

Forebear - alt-rock from the USA


There are some days that one just feels as though they must be in a moment of maturity and today is such an animal in my life as not for the first time I write a full review of a group of musicians who compose music which seeks concentration to achieve most value.

Forebear take drops of classics, rock and frustrations of life to produce music which feeds the brain with a mesmeric soundscape of evolution.

The viola affords the quartet the opportunity to add flourishes of impetuousity without it deflecting from the direction of travel as the band deliver material which has a natural flow akin to the tides. Additional spikes of key allows for an introspective feel to the movements as the drum keeps up an incorrigible pace to which bass maintains the sense of urgency. The guitar is not lost in the thread of the material as it is given space to spread chords betwixt the activity occurring, providing the pivotal point, whilst the vocal provides the context of the out-put.

An intriguing band that deserves the wider world to invest time to get to know them better.


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The Blind Owls

Dylan Romel (Drums), Jesse De Los Santos (Guitar), Carlos Garcia (Bass) and Joshua De Leon (Guitar) form the merseybeat combo The Blind Owls, but surprisingly from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean they emerging from Corpus Christi, Texas in the USA.

The Blind Owls - Say Goodbye - artwork

The Blind Owls – Say Goodbye – artwork

Listening to The Blind Owls find you donning a pair of winkle-pickers to join in the dampened strings which bustle around the room in joyful footstep. Not seeking to tear down the basic structures of the genre, neither are they a pale pastiche of what has become before, the quartet leave the audience feeling better for having become involved.

The twin guitars delightfully bounce one across the other, whilst a subdued bass keeps the tempo as the drum sticks add the toe-taps to which a variety of voices gives the lustre to the out-put. Having been around for a while The Blind Owls have a well-trodden live performance circuit and a loyal audience and it is to their credit they have not stepped outside their remit to chase audience, rather aiming to establish a close-knit community to which everyone is welcome to get into the groove.

A new LP is set for release on the 24th of September – which showcases them in fine fettle and the eight track album, which runs to just under twenty-five minutes – The Blind Owls Say Goodbye is well worth grabbing hold of.

I am only able to share one track from the album with you – Don’t Bother.


The Blind Owls Say Goodbye is available on bandcamp.

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The Marital

The Marital a doom-rock band from Long Beach, California, in the USA is the quintet of Kevin Martin (Vocals / Guitar / Piano), Henry Hollaway (Bass), Nick Diamantides (Drums), Dan Hernandez (Synth / Keys) and Eddie Espinoza (Guitar).

The Martial - doom-rock from the USA

The Marital

Still evolving their sounds with the addition of players The Marital have a melancholic resonance to the material that threads its way into the marrow as a baritone vocal features –

spearheading the charge like a standard bearer, to which a percussion fires like a machine gun attack on the wings as the bass thrusts through centre ground and guitars add the pall of armament. Subtle synths and keys give the smoke cover for the foreboding presence that rumbles into the ears with the force of a charging cavalcade.

This is so far from mental images of California and it easy to imagine The Marital rumble out of Dresden in the ’80s with the boiling magma of the oppressed which cloaks the listener in menacing gloom, as the music forebodingly marches across the room in serried ranks of stanchion laying.

Whilst no extant material is available to share of the full five piece, the concepts lay within their LP Bold Show which is available on bandcamp.

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