Flexagon – The Gift – Single Review

Flexagon the ambientwave project from Guernsey released the single The Gift on the 4th.

Flexagon - The Gift

As always, the music, reflects of a spacious and mind-boggling universe enticing the listener in to its cavernous spaces to explore the fractals of expanding electronica.

The Gift (available on bandcamp) refers to a musical instrument – a toombi – which was won in a raffle and gifted to Flexagon.

With no previous experience of the one stringed instrument, Flexagon, has taken the unusual option of using a bow to deliver a track in which the distinctive string can be readily identified, muted though it is under the rich tapestry of hypnotic synthesis, to create a just over eight minutes composition which holds the listener transfixed.

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She Killed In Ecstasy – Low & Bitter – Single Review

The US ambient-wave project, from the USA, She Killed In Ecstasy fairly regularly features on the site, the newest track – Low & Bitter – came out a few hours ago.

She Killed In Ecstasy - Low & Bitter

She Killed In Ecstasy

Low & Bitter is of different counterpane than music previously featured with the glitchy sawing of the electronica, which had been a core element, completely disappearing to be replaced by a soft sanding and thereby creating a hum of immersive ambience which eases in to the mind and slows the sparking of the synapses, inviting the listener to settle back and slough away the bustle of the day.

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HOLY – All These Worlds Are Yours – Audio

The Swedish ambient-wave creator Hannes Ferm who performs under the name HOLY releases the LP All These Worlds Are Yours on the 26th of January 2018.



The latest track to surface from the album (available via PNKSLM) being the title song All These Worlds Are Yours – a bending blend of piano, vocal and synthetics which drift calmly through the room as though an eagle gliding on thermals.

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Ka Boukie – Abdorn – Audio

Ka Boukie is an English ambient-wave creator.

Ka Boukie

Ka Boukie

The most recent LP – Phrakture (available on bandcamp) is a darkly shrouded amalgam of electronically generated abstract soundscapes and molten synths which encase the listener in a meditating mantle as the six song, roughly half an hour, album gently floats through the room.

The second track is Abdorn.


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david shouji – Myogi Nights – Audio

The Swedish ambient-wave project david shouji released the EP Duskpoint on the 22nd.

david shouji

david shouji

Combinations of chipped hip-hop loops and Far Eastern chord structures enables david shouji to deliver an intriguing soundtrack, in Duskpoint (available on bandcamp), that melts in to the ears leaving the listener resting in the calming atmosphere.

The second track is Myogi Nights.

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