Future Sound Cartel – Faking Music – Single Review

The English ambient-rock collective Future Sound Cartel released the single Faking Music on the 21st.

Future Sound Cartel - Faking Music - artwork

Future Sound Cartel – Faking Music – artwork

Best not to hit play if you are about to head to something requiring adrenaline as to enjoy the song to fullest extent you will need time to allow the day to continue at unhurried pace for quite some time after the conclusion of the just under four minute composition.

Harking of reel to reel tape recordings Faking Music (available on bandcamp) has the warmth that comes through analogue recording in a track that drifts lazily through the room in an ambient psychedelic combination of synthesiser, guitars, percussion and multi-vocal that leaves the listener calmly reposed in a state of subjective intuition as the brain slows down to the weaving textures that flow through the ears.

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The Romantic Manifesto

The Romantic Manifesto from London in England is the dream-wave quartet of Phineas Cheshire (Vocals / Guitar), Nobutaka Iizuka (Guitar), John Wallis (Bass) and Timur Djahit (Drums).

The Romantic Manifesto - dream-wave from England

The Romantic Manifesto

Like an ambient light The Romantic Manifesto add a depth to the ambience as the gossamer thread of sound gently builds its web around the room. The compositions build wave upon wave of luxuriant texture that take over the synapse pulses and the mind and body gently drift into semi-consciousness.

The Romantic Manifesto build their tracks from a percussion and bass which pulse as though in waves of superposition which creates the spinneret from which the interlocking guitars fold the chords to thread the silk, as the vocal calmly orchestrates the delicate fluxes of sound.

The quartet deliver music which is best taken in large quaffs to allow the mystical backdrop to take shape in the mind and if you allow yourself that space you will find The Romantic Manifesto has much to add to the world of music.

As always I find much to enjoy in listening to music that takes as a point of principal a point of difference and The Romantic Manifesto battle headlong with a world demanding of instant gratification and to my mind prove their purpose with considerable credit.

I recommend taking an hour or so out of your day to take time with the quartet and failing that the forty six minutes to listen to their latest LP – A Kind Of Promise which came out at the beginning of the month.


A Kind of Promise – The Romantic Manifesto is available on iTunes.*

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Jack Jeffery

Jack Jeffery is a progressive psychedelic songwriter from Virginia in the USA. I first wrote about Jack in 2012, though the sounds have moved much further and it is worth writing a fresh perspective.

Jack Jeffery – Enlightened Horizon – artwork

Lower the lights, add a scent to the room with agarbathi and let the mind float in the trippy ambience that is Jack Jeffery. Combining influences of blues rock with psychedelia and adding snatches of electronica and calming it all down gives the music a fascinating mysticism which can’t help but find a way into the brain. The sounds take a spacious tenancy in the mind, allowing the head to relax inside the calming waves.

The delivery disguises the complexity and layering of textures, which allows the audience to find more to explore on further listening as the combinations of instruments, synthetics and vocal soak into the atmosphere.

A recent eleven track LP – Enlightened Horizon affords a minute over the hour of entrancing gently paced escapism and is well worth investing the time as, the further the album travels so, the mind slowly expands to capture the reflections.

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The Sun And The Sea

The Sun And The Sea the ambient rock band from Springfield in The USA centres around Tim MooreMax Sauer and Chris Rhein with additional players as makes sense.

The Sun And The Sea - ambient rock from The USA

The Sun And The Sea – photo by David Mullis

Formed from the embers of The Graduate in 2011 The Sun And The Sea deliver sounds which envelope the room in gazey echoes. An easy flow of music meanders around the brain combining instruments and electronics in shifting harmonies which settle, like fine down, on the ears of the listener.

The Sun And The Sea travel a precarious path betwixt vacuous wallpaper and interest, always managing to stay on the right side of the lines. Don’t expect to be challenged, as that is not the purpose of the music, rather, like a self-levelling suspension it is designed – and delivers – a calming space in which to settle. Drawing on influences from astrological science the trio are able to transfer written word and radio-spectrum telescopy to an aural representation, of the likes of pulsar winds, leaving the audience in a state of wonderment.

Given the potential for extravagant interpretations of astrophysics, The Sun And The Sea retain a tight reign on the material livings the listener satisfied, not perplexed.


Vega – EP – The Sun and the Sea is available on iTunes*.

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Dios Mio

Dios Mio a dream rock quartet from London in England is Helena (Vocals), Julian (Guitar), Chris (Drums) and Karl (Bass).

Dios Mio - ambient rock from England

Dios Mio

Formed over the summer of 2013 Dios Mio have a sound which belies their relative age as a unit. Already working hard they have released four tracks in the releases and are securing themselves a live performance schedule. Melting melodies fuse inside the constructions and with plenty of delay and reverb the quartet is able to add considerable layering to the music, leaving the listener resting on down pillows.

When a band puts such hard work to the base of their career you can’t but help to wish them well, more importantly Dios Mio do have something of considerable value to add the the world of music and I wouldn’t expect it to be too long before they become far better known with a steady stream of touring dates as this is a sound that suits pretty well most venues and nights.

Whilst of consistent quality and evidently seeking a  defined and shaped sound there is also an earthy grittiness to which the audience can relate and I hope this is not lost as Dios Mio progresses.


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