Dream Coast – Cold Sunset – Audio

The Australian ambient-electronica duo Dream Coast revealed the LP Golden Haze on the 4th.

Dream Coast

Dream Coast

Casting a spell through the room the listener is bewitched by the munificence of the layers of analogue and digital electronica that takes the mind on an out of body experience in to outer-space during the roughly thirty six minutes of the eight compositions, the second of which is Cold Sunset.

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Dom Sith – Hood – Audio

The English ambient-electronica project Dom Sith was introduced last year.

Dom Sith - Hood

Dom Sith

The latest track to surface, Hood, is a veritable feast of orchestration given the minimalist material previously featured.

A shrouded flow of electronica hums out of the speaker opening a channel for a brighter rivulet of golden honey to trickle through the room becoming a flood of ever-faster looping beats prior to all gliding back in to a quiet stillness.

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50in15 – Pop – Single Review

The Swiss ambient-electronica project 50in15 revealed a new track within the past twenty four hours.

50in15 - Pop


As with previous music featured there is an underlying sense of the vastness of the surrounding mountainous landscape, which plays a significant influence in all of the music, resulting in swooping loops of hushed and unhurried synthesis surrounding a shrouded core.

Given the title of the new composition – Pop – one may contemplate there must be a conflict between the two ideas – yet, on hitting play – the conjoin of the juxtaposed themes makes perfect sense with the listeners mind and body slowing in to syncopation.

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Dream Map – Time – Single Review

The Hungarian, Netherlands ambient-electronica duo Dream Map released the single Time on the 13th.

Dream Map

Dream Map

Having got together towards the end of last year Dream Map only have two tracks around, both belie the short time they have been together with the well structured and judged compositions transfixing the audience with their unruffled flowing elegance.

The most recent being the just under four and a quarter minutes of Time. A luxurious pillow of radiating electronica heralds the entrance of the absorbing vocal and fills the room with gently undulating washes of colour in to which the listener finds themselves merging as one in with the misty, dreamy soundtrack.


Time – Single – Dream Map is available on iTunes.*

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Forest Robots – Silhouettes Follow The Echoes – Audio

The US ambient electronica project of Fran DominguezForest Robots – released the LP Supermoon Moonlight Part One yesterday.

Forest Robots

Forest Robots

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) is best approached with plenty of time to hand to listen to the full heading towards three quarters of an hour of gently bubbling compositions, which work as a single body, rather than snatching glimpses.

Forest Robots creates, unexpectedly given the name of the project and the array of electronica deployed, music with has the effect of forming the almost tangible organic presence of a dappled moonlight flickering, through a canopy of breeze brushed leaves, in a quiet wood.

As an introduction and gateway to get a sense of the album,  the fifth song- Silhouettes Follow The Echoes.


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