Amber – GHOST – Audio

Amber is a meltwater-hop project from the USA.



Fusing a thread of concepts in to the mix Amber is able to concoct material from which the listener, on each run-though will discover an element previously undetected from which to discover a completely different context and what was once thought of as hip-hop may become far-eastern folk or possibly nu-soul yet never a confusion, rather a pleasurable conundrum to unravel.

From the latest three track single GEOVA (available on bandcamp) GHOST.


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Graces – Amber – Audio

Graces, a vehicle for the English indie-synth creator Steve Harrison, is set to release the EP – EP1 on the 13th.



The second of the five tracks on EP1Amber is delightfully the most robust, in my view, as it eschews much of the user friendly waxing that runs through many of the others on the release. The two central themes slide against each other with the ease of graphite slates, giving the number an intriguing duality and the audience finds themselves checking that they aren’t accidentally playing two tracks at the same time.

The delivery gives the listener the opportunity to concentrate on the Indie influenced edges of Amber, then play it through again to concentrate on the synths, followed by a third play through to harness it all together and each iteration adds to the value of the day.

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