La Burca – She goos to flowers – Single Review

The Brazilian new-wave duo La Burca released the three track single She goos to flowers on the 19th.

La Burca - She goos to Flowers

La Burca

Opening with Goos a lumbering guitar stomps into the room to be joined by an equally obstinate percussion as the instrumental, three minutes and seventeen seconds, of pulverising contemplation of those who die before they have had the opportunity to run their course.

Next is Flowers of Romance and those of longer stay will understand completely why, if only by title this would be my pick of the release, with fortune there is more to it than that as La Burca offer a track which implodes upon itself in snarling spirals of invective of a world self absorbed and believing in their ‘right’ to be hugged tightly.

Concluding She goos to flowers is the crashing sound of She Thrills as the duo deliver a track that reminds of the formation of an avalanche as the phrases slowly unfold before rapidly accelerating as they progress.

The three tracks on She goos to flowers are the introduction to the nine track LP – Kurious Eyes – due for release mid-2016.

Amanda and Lucas recorded Flowers of  Romance as a duo live and She Thrills and Goos, also recorded live, with guest musicians, giving the tracks their immediate connectivity with the benefit of depth of sound.

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La Burca

La Burca from Bauru in Brazil is the alt-indie duo of Amanda (Vocal / Guitar) and Lucas (Drums).

La Burca - alt-indie from Brazil

La Burca

La Burca have a stark sound which sears across the brain like a branding iron as the vocals flash like a swooping bird of prey. There is a terrifying anxiety that spills out of the speakers wrapping up the listener in the wrestle of conundrums. The angst riven sounds piercing the soul are apposite constructs that leave the audience reaching for the Valium as La Burca extrapolate relevant concerns inside a the duo who have the ability to express deeply held emotions within a skeletal frame.

Having headed over to Bauru with a population of under 350 000 three times one gets a sense of the frustrations of the local environs, which sit inside the jurisdiction of São Paulo where I am aware many will sit transfixed by the football later this year. Brazil has much to say politically as has been evidenced by the riots this past few months.

It is always a pleasure to write about bands who manage to encapsulate not just local concerns, but global complexities within such scant coat hanger formulations.

Thank you La Burca for doing what you do and long may you keep on doing it.

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