MRYGLD is the alternative-rock quintet of Shane Jewell (Lead Guitar), Alyssa Jewell (Keyboards / Vocals), Will Johnston (Drums), James McCauley (Bass) and Brandon Snipes (Vocals / Guitar) from Birmingham, Alabama in the USA.



The quintet, although relatively new as an entity comprise of experienced musicians, which shows in the exceptional quality of output. Starting out by making their material widely available MRYGOLD have already recorded a six track eponymous LP due for imminent release with word of a further LP already in the wings along with starting to establish a live performance schedule.

The understated melodies flow through the room in brushed quietness as the two six string guitars twine around each other while unobtrusive, though insistent, percussion keep the songs flowing with the bass sweeping up loose ends as combinations of two voices give the songs an alluring beauty all of which is played to the almost imperceptible analogue synth which gives the compositions a dreamy texturing that rounds out the sound.

MRYGLD is a quintet I look forward to hearing much from in the coming years and an outfit I would anticipate will be making themselves well known to audiences around the world.

By way of an introduction One Foot.


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