Indytronics – Barcelona – Audio

The Ukrainian alternative-rock quintet Indytronics will release the LP Palace this year.

Indytronics - Barcelona


The song, Barcelona, which has surfaced from the album is of different landscape to music of theirs previously featured with a completely unexpected and delightful psychedelic-hiphop centre of gravity which holds attention for its very difference of perspective.

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Yes You Are – Come Back Home – Audio

The US alternative rock quintet Yes You Are first featured in 2015 and last in 2016, making it about time there was update and their latest single, released on the 20th, Come Back Home seems an appropriate moment.

Yes You Are - Come Back Home

Yes You Are

A band who have consistently straddled creations of mainstream pop music merged with rock ballads have, in Come Back Home (available on bandcamp), stretched towards gospel with an acoustic led echoing chorale attests to a group of musicians who are able to add their own twist to concept and deliver something far more substantial and of more inclusive reach to those of us who prefer our music a tad more gutsy, in this instance it is the central spotlight on the vocal which captures attention.

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St. Tropez – The Other – Audio

The alternative rock quartet St. Tropez from the Netherlands will be launching a new LP on the 1st of May from 18:00 to 20:00 (CEST) at what will be their pop-up studio in one of the units at Lil ‘Amsterdam – Amstelpassage – on the East side of Amsterdam Central Station.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez

Three songs have surfaced from the album with The Other and its fibrous tautology being my pick of those I am able to share.

website (be aware music starts immediately).

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Trivial Nonsense – Amor Ni Deseo – Audio

The US alternative-rock oufit Trivial Nonsense released the LP Heaven on the 16th.

Trivial Nonsense

Trivial Nonsense

The nine track album is a not inconsequential body of work, as Trivial Nonsense ponder both thoughts of hopelessness in a society that is intent on splintering in to silos of righteousness along with an optimism that the mistakes of the recent past can ultimately be rectified resulting in a more inclusive cohesion.

The roughly twenty two minutes release comprises of thoughtful measured tracks that have a natural flow from one to the other, giving Heaven an organic, breathing embodiment which during its journey brings in connectivity of influences from different continents – my selection from the LP being the latina-rock threaded  fourth – Amor Ni Deseo.


Heaven EP – Trivial Nonsense is available on iTunes.*

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The Kerbs – Creep – Single Review

The Irish alternative rock quartet The Kerbs released the single Creep today.

The Kerbs

The Kerbs

Formed less than a year ago The Kerbs have left the starting blocks at a fair old pace and thus far have managed to reveal two previous singles as well as start to establish a live performance circuit, with plans for a five track EP later in the year. Having had the opportunity to wander through the three songs I am looking forward to hearing much more from these able musicians and recommend adding them to your playlist.

Creep has a sultry South American dance rhythm that melts into the heart of the listener while the combinations of the two six string guitars, one semi-acoustic the other electric, form a mesmeric romantic layering as the bass pops in and out of focus akin to a lighthouse beam whilst a rich vocal lays the room with a luxurious thick carpet in which to sink the toes and although the composition and narrative is of vulnerability after rejection – the audience is left feeling far from rejected, rather brimming with the self-confidence and bathed in the warm glow of a flirtatious glance.

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Creep – Single – The Kerbs is available on iTunes.*

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