Field Manual – Closer – Single Review

The England based rock outfit Field Manual released the single Closer today.

Field Manual

Field Manual

Following on closely from their début LP Someday Streets which came out in May – Closer – is of very different idea.

Whilst still of retrospective mindset the single switches sides of the Atlantic Ocean surfacing with a track that minds of Gerry Rafferty with the tenor saxophone taking a leading light weaved with Dire Straights inspired guitars in a song that has a luxurious flow of a, finely played and delivered, unhurried release which has the audience reaching out to touch the almost tangible flow of the notes as they thread through the room.

I am already intrigued to discover where these experienced, though only within the past year combined, group of musicians head next as they refresh classic rock.


Closer – Single – Field Manual is available on iTunes.*

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My Glorious – Sexy – Video

The US alternative rock trio My Glorious released the single Sexy on the 6th.

My Glorious - Sexy

My Glorious

Taking their music to even darker mood than their last reveal – Sexy – is a track in which My Glorious allow the open spaces to speak as loudly as the music as the song slowly pulses through the room in magisterial robe as the trio deliver, what to me is their finest body of work, thus far.

Sexy – Single – My Glorious is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Pioneer Salesmen – In Recollection You Find – Single Review

Pioneer Salesmen is a new US alternative rock trio.

Pioneer Salesman

Pioneer Salesman

With just one song to hear – the aptly named – In Recollection You Find – a song which has a retrospective feel.

The long strung guitar gives the track an elasticated expansion and contraction, delivering the feeling of bending of time, with bass rumbling along the skirting board whilst percussion provides In Recollection You Find a subtle energy as the vocal, which lays lightly hazed in gauze, affords a slightly trippy feel.

I look forward to hearing much more in short order and on the basis of their first reveal, Pioneer Salesman, have an assured future ahead.

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Ghost State – Hometown A.D. – Single Review

The US alternative-rock quartet Ghost State release the single Hometown A.D. tomorrow.

Ghost State - Hometown A.D.

Ghost State – Hometown A.D.

With a very different sound to tracks of theirs previously featured Hometown A.D. is an acoustic led southern blues number which they handle with deft ability allowing them to explore an unanticipated soundscape.

The retrospective flavours of keys and melody are sharply riven by an acerbic lyric which pours scorn on the realities of the world today where life is measured merely by its unit value of production giving the track its impact, whilst simultaneously underscoring that the quartet are skilled songwriters with the confidence to ask their audience to join with them on their journey in to different territories.

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Approaching Black & White – Evergreen – Single Review

Approaching Black & White is an alternative rock trio from the USA.

Approaching Black & White

Approaching Black & White

There are only three tracks around, for those of us who haven’t had the chance to see them play live,  the latest of which being Evergreen (available on bandcamp), my apologies for getting to this a little late as it has been sitting in my email inbox for a few weeks now.

The slightly emo tinged, just under two and a half minutes, track has an underbelly of sadness, which they are able to evoke through a rising and falling beat, giving Evergreen a feeling of organic flow in which the listener remains attendant.

Approaching Black & White is a trio I look forward to hearing more of in short order.

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