Fine Animal

Fine Animal from Columbus, Ohio in the USA alt-synth trio of KC Wilder, Lucy Oaks and Kelan Gilbert.

Fine Animal - alt-synth from the USA

Fine Animal

With a sound that melts into the room Fine Animal have an underlying calmness that can’t help but engross the mind as wave upon wave of electronics fold gently over each other, as almost imperceptible guitars give an immediacy, whilst a captivating vocal fascinates the ears.

This is music to listen to whilst unwinding in the chill-room as the ambient beats undulate around the brain. Fine Animal is able to titrate senses of tribal sounds, which gives the resulting pieces a mesmerically haunting temper into which the mind can draw its own images.

Just over year into their existence the trio have been able to provide a ‘must have’ collection of compositions (available on bandcamp) which have been well thought through and delivered. What I particularly like about Fine Animal is the way that they are able to take complex ideas and deliver them in a way that doesn’t leave the audience perplexed, rather, hypnotised, whilst retaining the natural instinct that I always look for in bands who I think add value to the world for their very existence.

Whilst there is a decent catalogue of material building, I look forward to much more, whilst, lounging, listening to an hour or two of Fine Animal.

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Blood Sound

Blood Sound is a Philadelphia – USA based alt-synth band comprising Chris Jordan, Tristan McKeever and Vincent Tkac.

Blood Sound - alt-synth from the USA

Blood Sound

Emerging from the embers of prior iterations, Blood Sound have recently set out on a new direction of musical exploration with a rich synth laying out a deep-pile wool carpet into which to sink the toes as the slightly echoed sounds reflect across the walls.

Reminiscent of soothed version of Virgin Prunes with the gothic temperament that runs through the two tracks that have so far appeared, albeit a more subdued vocal, along with advances in technology gives Blood Sound a richer depth in which to lay-back and revel.

Whilst the material is new along with the contexts of the songs, the trio have used their experience to full value and I hope they can find some stability, though given that one member is still with another band, that is by no means certain – time will tell.

Blood Sound have much to offer the world of music, given the two tracks I have had the opportunity to hear and whatever occurs, they have made a difference in the life of at least one person – namely me – and I hope you enjoy them too.

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We Are Twin

We Are Twin is a synth-rock quartet based in Los Angeles in the USA comprising Gabi Christine (Vocals), Nicolas Balachandran (Electronics), Zackary Smith (Bass / Keys / Vocals) and Justin Frazier (Drums).

We Are Twin

We Are Twin

Tightly woven sound springs across the room as We Are Twin interweave dream-wave with indie rock to provide the audience with a scintillating aural extravaganza. Formed initially as a concept between Gabi and Nicolas the idea expanded to a full-blown ensemble with the addition of Zackaray and Justin in 2013.

Teutonic pragmatism, by way of South East Asia combines with New York feistiness ending up residing in free-wheeling California and the combinations provide the listener with a captivating sound, which utilises the floating electronics with a taughtness of rock derived compositions and a sense of unfettered freedom to provide the audience with music that finds a freshness like an astringent – sharp, yet refreshingly welcome.

We Are Twin plan to release their début LP Xtra Love on the 11th November and having had a chance to listen to all nine tracks, I posit this is an album which needs to be added to the playlist when available. I am able to share the third song on the release – In The Moment.


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Zoo from Kolkata in India is the alt-synth quartet of Tanya Sen (Vocals / Soundscapes), Bodhisattwa Ghosh (Programming / Synthesizers / Guitars), Bijit Bhattacharya (Bass) and Rohit Nandi (Drums / Interference).

Zoo - alt-synth from India


The depth of riches with which Zoo invests their sounds finds the music undulating around the room as though on a thermal current, as the combinations of instruments and electronics provide the audience with thick pile wool carpets in which to wriggle their toes.

Although having been around for a few years, it was only this month that their début seven track release Atoms & Combinations appeared. They have used their developmental period to put out a first release which does them considerable credit.

Zoo build their sounds through waves of coalescing inputs, which gives the music multifarious textures for the listener to consider. Although layered, the out-put is delivered in a way that gives it an immediate accessibility. The band produce sounds which are more jacket and chinos than ripped t-shirts, but they are not asking the audience to sip dainty cocktails, producing tunes which work well at a chilled out sunset party overlooking the beach.

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Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk

Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk from Manchester in England is the alt-synth collaboration of Mary Joanna (Vocals), Rikki Turner (Keys), Steven Tatji (Bass), Spencer Birtwhistle (Drums), Stephen Evans (Guitar) and Zack Davies (Guitar).

Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk - alt-synth from England

Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk

Experienced performers and musicians Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk have taken little time to get into their stride and I thought it would be of interest to take a few minutes out to consider a sextet with only two tracks available, nary a handful of gigs, but big plans that look set to come to fruition.

As regular readers will know by my recent comments, the emergent sounds of 2014 in the UK have fast evolved into, malcontent dark textures combining the underpinnings of solid rock influences with the floating chambers of  synths, which resonates of a country in flux and implosion and it is the North West – Manchester / Liverpool / Stoke-On-Trent / Sheffield quadrilateral in which this is best found. Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk  are perfectly in tune with this movement.

The dreamy synth floats around the room like mist rising from a cold moor on an autumn dawn, as lilting guitars glitter in the shroud and an emphatic bass / percussion combination evokes of hidden menace, whilst tightly binding the head is a vocal which presages the unfolding realities of life.

A new single due out on the 22nd September – Wasted – is something to look forward to. Further ahead an LP is being put together of which You Knew, You Knew has recently appeared.

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