The One2s

The One2s, from Philadelphia in the USA is the alt-rock quartet of Leiana (Bass / Vocals), Sean Bombz (Guitar / Vocal), Jay Dyer (Drums) and Tom Nuzzie (Guitar / Vocals).

The One2s - alt-rock from The USA

The One2s – alt-rock from The USA

Formed as a side -recording and local performance outfit for members of two other bands, The One2s have a sound that is far more than a whimsical diversion. The players switch roles and instruments in the delivery of their material, giving them wide-scope to travel, yet there is a cohesive style to the compositions as the quartet deliver fuzzy shoegaze which has the texture of melting centre chocolates to it that can’t help but captivate the listener.

The experience of the players in The One2s shines through the carefully delivered compositions, which they imbue with warming tones as the combinations of garage rock, rock ‘n’ roll and dream-wave float around the room. A solid spine of percussion allows the instrumentation a process of metamorphosis in shifting layers of waves, whilst a subtle vocal gives the resulting out-put a sense of an aural metaphysical soliloquy.

With a couple of EPs behind them – EP One, released in January 2014 and EP 2 in January 2015 and a single in late 2014, The One2s is a project I would like to see become a mainstay and with fortune not have to wait until January 2016 to hear the next EP.


Ep 2 – Ep – The One2s is available on iTunes.*

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E S T R O N S based in Cardiff, Wales, is the alt-rock quartet of Taliesyn KällströmHugh ParryJames Keeley and Rhodri Daniel.

E S T R O N S - alt-rock based in Wales


Formed a couple of years ago E S T R O N S have spent much of their time garnering a live audience, playing across much of the country with their darkly dampened bass featuring strongly and as you know a prominent bass is always likely to capture my attention. Guitar glides spectrally across the room adding dichotomies that sheer the ears like sparks from a grinding axe, whilst a precise percussion pulsates inside the brain to which a soaring vocal delivers the furnishing in either Welsh or English excoriating of travails and spurious relationship.

E S T R O N S deliver compositions which captivate the audience with their doom laden temperament which wraps folds around the head whilst in the background muffle lays a beacon of light guiding towards a far off route of escape.

After a short break in which Taliesyn gave birth, they have an almost eponymous single set for release on the 6th April Aliens. Were the band named estroniaid then it would be eponymous, were they called estron and the single alien it would have been too. However, they aren’t and it isn’t –  E S T R O N S, have a new track coming out – called Aliens, that finds them in a more shoegazy moment and why did I mention the birth of a child? Björn makes his début appearance in the closing frames of the accompanying video.

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Aliens – Single – Estrons is available on iTunes.*

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Andrew Oliver

Andrew Oliver, the alt-rock solo performer from Oakville, Ontario – Canada was introduced briefly with one track at the end of last year.

Andrew Oliver - alt-rock from Canada

Andrew Oliver

I have now had the opportunity to delve a little longer into material. As you well know by now if you are a regular reader my patience is pretty well non-existent and it always fascinates me the time and care solo performers take to produce material, Andrew Oliver is of no exception.

Andrews‘ music straddles a wide path of out-put from electro-rock to acoustic-americana, yet each piece carefully measured and poured into the room like your favourite cocktail waitress formulating that obscure drink only she knows how to mix. The ears are pulled from warming wurlitzer to electronic loops via scruffy guitar, yet like that strange cocktail nothing seems out of place, with a vocal that retains recognizability.

I am fully aware what it is that really draws in my ears and it is the ever present pulsating bass lines, which is always a direct line to perk up my ears.

Andrew Oliver has taken his experience as a band member and translated that into the solo performance with a deft hand, enabling him to explore ideas that emerge from his own perspective without needing to be translated by others and it is this emotional fragility that gives the music its connectivity.

A new LP surfaced on the 15th – Lazy Bones, (available on bandcamp) which is well worth adding to the playlist – I need something warming.

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Hell Oh!

Hell Oh! is the alt-rock quartet of Marco TulioMaycon RochaRaphael Heiderich and Vinicius Amorim from Lumiar in Brazil.

Hell Oh! - We've Got Nothing To Say But A Song - artwork

Hell Oh! – We’ve Got Nothing To Say But A Song – artwork

Initially looked at back in September, by way of one track and a promise to get back to them –  Hell Oh! now have more tunes I can hear that are freshly minted. Grinding their way out of the speakers like pepper going through the mill, there is an earthy fresh zest that captivates the audience as the growling guitar mutters malcontent whilst bass and percussion rumble across the room and a scoured vocal sheers its way around the ceiling.

Hell Oh! is able to transition between slowly paced pieces and hurried rattling windows with confidence as the quartet deliver music that emits connectivity with the listener whilst the garage rock influenced psychedelia wraps the mind in energy that draws in the ears.

From foot stomp, to laying supine Hell Oh! maintains a scruffiness into which it isn’t possible but to find appealing. The quartet is able to provide music which relies on careful composition as the textures build, yet provide the ears with easy to understand sounds that inject themselves into the bloodstream.

We’ve Got Nothing To Say But A Song is available on bandcamp.

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Mike Meagher

Mike Meagher from Groveland, Massachusetts in the USA is a self named alt-rock project.

Mike Meagher - alt-rock from the USA

Mike Meagher – alt-rock from the USA

Scampering around the room like an infestation of cockroaches Mike Meagher delivers a soundtrack which speaks of societal disapprobation. The festering tumult of darkly spaced sounds rake the linings of the timpani with malcontent, as scowling bass leads the foray whilst an ominous percussion harangues the systole and diastole to tachycardia. A blistering guitar harking of stadium rock gives the out-put wings whilst the vocal gives the music deeper resolution.

Those of longer memory will recall the correct pronunciation of Meagher.

An experienced musician – Mike Meagher, has taken time to finesse his ideas, as he has previously shirked from voice and this added dimension finds the music of far greater significance and rounder proportions. The resulting out-put would fit live venues, but as a committed solo performer, creating tracks through the labour of love, creating each constituent part, expect never to see Mike Meagher appearing anywhere near you soon.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the music at your own party. I would advise a wide dance-floor as the gathering will soon be flowing with their own air-guitars.

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The catalogue of songs is available on bandcamp.

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