Dead Natives – Keep This In Mind – Single Review

The English alt-rock quartet Dead Natives last featured in November of last year.

Dead Natives - Keep This In Mind

Dead Natives

In their latest release Keep This In Mind, which came out towards the tail end of last month, they return to the sound which first drew my attention just over a year ago.

As regular readers will know, I do enjoy music that threatens the plaster on the walls with a grumbling bass. Whilst Keep This In Mind is of their own retrospective catalogue the development in sound is easily discerned with the vocal laying in its most comfortable pitch, as do bass and guitar with a rumbling drum kit harrying laggards, like a sheepdog herding sheep in the far reaches of a hill on a rain swept day and keeping everything tighter than previous music featured, leaving the listener appreciative of the intervention in to the day.

I apologise to one and all for the late posting of this article, which has lain in my inbox since the end of January.

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Stains Of A Sunflower – Lindsey – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Stains Of A Sunflower released their eponymous EP on the 1st.

Stains Of A Sunflower - Photo credit - Jen Vesp Photography

Stains Of A Sunflower – Photo credit – Jen Vesp Photography

Influences of folk, blues, rock and soul are filtered by Stains Of A Flower to create music that has a heartfelt resonance in which the listener finds themselves drawn ever closer and the four track EP (available on bandcamp) is a good starting point to get an idea of their style of song writing with each song pivoting around a different theme.

My pick of which is the second track – Lindsey – in which the powerful vocal, to my ears, pays its most impressive role on the EP and is able to bring out the full richness of voice in the soul-funk composition equally each of the instruments is given space to take the spotlight and resultingly establishing Stains Of A Sunflower as a band to keep a look out for in the future.


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Mechanical Mouse Organ – All The Love (Nobody Wants) – Single Review

The English alt-rock quartet Mechanical Mouse Organ released the three track single All The Love (Nobody Wants) yesterday.

Mechanical Mouse Organ

Mechanical Mouse Organ

Formed with three former members of HUG – Dave Curle (Drums), Liam Gilfellon (Bass) and George Kitching (Guitar) who featured in 2013 – soon adding Darryl Todd (Vocals) to the line-up.

All The Love (Nobody Wants) is the welcome follow up to their début LP Get Over It, which was released in 2015 (both available on bandcamp) with word arriving of additional music to appear during the course of the year..

The three songs on the single are each of different texture, the opener and title track All The Love (Nobody Wants) threads a fuzzy distortion of guitar with a meshing drum-kit with a punctuated bass giving the song a sense of stop start motion from which an unexpectedly evocative and tender vocal laments of isolated rejection.

Where Are You Now – is a soul-blues infused measure of expressive guitar which is broken by slicing bass / drum interventions surrounding a rock ballad vocal narrative.

The closer Get Out Of My Head is a more upbeat and playful composition with a rock’n’roll gait which finds the listener joining alongside playing their air-guitar with extensive use of whammy-bar and is my pick of the release.

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Michelle LeBlanc – I Would Jump – Audio

The US alt-rocker Michelle LeBlanc releases the EP A Man Like You on the 2nd of March.

Michelle LeBlanc

Michelle LeBlanc

Steeped in the root-stock of americana and country Michelle is able to surface with twisted gnarls of music which transcend the influences and deliver music which has a far wider global appeal with thumping anthems that finds the listener equally stomping their feet alongside and enthusiastically joining in with the vocal whilst equally hammering on their air drum-kit.

From the five track EP, the closer, I Would Jump.


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Higher Education – Gift Called Life – Audio

The US alt-rock band Higher Education released the LP Gift Called Life on the 23rd.

Higher Education

Higher Education

The title track and second of the dozen is a good time sunshine fusion of soca, Jamaican ska, rocksteady on speed with a twist of trippy rock that grabs hold of the listeners wrists and launches them on to the dance-floor with a beaming smile.


Gift Called Life – Higher Education is available on iTunes.*

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