Jamie Woodfin Jr. – Life In A Bubble – Audio

The alt-rock project of Jamie Woodfin Jr. from Louisville (USA) creates music of dark demeanour.

Jamie Woodfin Jr

Jamie Woodfin Jr

A week yesterday the twelve track LP Synchronized Noise (available on bandcamp) was released. An album that displays a variety of influences in the output, with each track drawing from different wells, though always in common is a rooting in rock and a brooding, oppressive, countenance.

The half-spoken vocals enables the songs to create searing rumbles of ominous presence which roll through the room as though borne of stormy clouds.

Life In A Bubble is the sixth track.


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The Francos – Back To Basics – Single Review

The Australian alt-rock trio The Francos revealed their latest track on the 26th.

The Francos - photo by Madison Small

The Francos – photo by Madison Small

Over time their music has developed in emotional intensity and the newest song Back To Basics, for me, is an exponential step in their progress.

A song which would have fitted squarely in to the Factory Records stable with its harmonics and low slung pace that delivers a palpable sadness which can be felt wiping away its own tear-stains as it emerges from the speakers, yet, in common with the best in melancholia there is an immersive beauty that lays within from which the listener has only a desire to linger for longer and allow themselves to be bathed in the soft glow of the stretched minor chords.

Back to Basics – The Francos is available on iTunes.*

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BLIGH – Mrs. Jones – Single Review

BLIGH, an alt-rock band from Gold Coast (Australia), is the quintet of James Martin (Bass), Luc Saint Clair (Guitar), Jaidyns Blayde (Drums), Zahra Whyte (Keys) and Elliott Baylis (Vocals) who released the single Mrs. Jones on the 27th of September.



Their smartly constructed compositions often emerge as dramatic vignettes. Mrs. Jones continues in that vein with a swing-blues one act murder mystery which displays, in full glory, their ability to create songs which disport not only musical dexterity and arrangement but also clever lyrical construct, yet can equally deliver to the audience music that is easy to engage.

A couple of years in to their journey, Mrs. Jones will, with fortune, exponentially expand the BLIGH audience.


Mrs Jones – Single – BLIGH is available on iTunes.*

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Embassy 516 – Ghosts – Video

The Croatian alt-rock band Embassy 516 release the LP Correlation tomorrow.

Embassy 516 - Ghosts

Embassy 516

With a different sound to music of their previously featured – Ghosts – the third of the fourteen tracks on the album, has an art-rock stridency that is paired with a cinematic soundscape to create a song that builds ever more expansive imagery and rivulets of exploration through its approaching three and eleven twelfths minutes of duration.

Be aware flashing lights in video…

Correlation – Embassy 516 is available on iTunes.*

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Flat Teeth – Play Different – Audio

The Milwaukee (USA) alt-rock quintet Flat Teeth, comprised of Nik (Vocals / Guitar), Andy K (Guitars), Ken (Bass), Andy O (Keys) and Brian (Drums) ,will be releasing the LP Winter House on the 29th.

Flat Teeth

Flat Teeth

The six track album (available on bandcamp) holds the attention of the listener as the quintet deliver their blend of rocky riffs and emo twinges which is served on the plate with tasty garnishes.

Flat Teeth carve out space for themselves with the judicious harmonies of vocal by the two Andys‘ supporting the lead of Nik allowing them significant flexibility, which combines with the two guitars, again enabling themselves room for expression, while the keys affords the means by which to infuse the tracks with their different textures.

My pick of the release being the penultimate song – Play Different.

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