Vulcan Cicada – Pinball – Audio

The English alt-rock project Vulcan Cicada released the EP Man Of The Meadows on the 23rd.

Vulcan Cicada

Vulcan Cicada

A five track release of varied textures, some folkish in flow others, such as the penultimate – Pinball, which features D.Ni.L., derived from growling rock roots.

Given the EP title, the disparate flow of songs makes perfect sense and the listener is minded of the multifarious abundance of differing plants in a wild garden, which is reflected in the variety of the music.

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Ghost State – Rare Cases – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Ghost State surfaced with a couple of tracks in the past few hours.

Ghost State - Rare Cases

Ghost State

Both songs being steeped in funky blues rhythms on – Happy Accidents – inviting the keys to take centre stage giving the song an almost honky-tonk timbre which raises a good mood in the listener.

My preference of the two being Rare Cases, which is more of a crunchy hip dipping guitar led track, in which keys add a smokey atmospheric giving the song a sense of the frisson of a seedy back-street, red-lit heavy-curtain doorway.

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Brockley Forest – One Obsession – Audio

The English alt-rock duo Brockley Forest release the three track single Castaway on the 11th of May with a launch show at The Old Bookshop in Bristol with a guest appearance by another locally based act who last featured on the site in 2015 – Mutant-Thoughts.

Brockley Forest - One Obsession

Brockley Forest

Continuing with what is becoming a tradition of the duo only appearing on the site on even numbered years since their introduction in 2014 then again in 2016 – although no recorded material has been missed in the intervening period, Brockley Forest can be discovered regularly in live performance.

The three songs on Castaway sear through the speakers in crunchy combinations of furious guitar and percussion casting gnarled roots through the room – the opening song is One Obsession. Time will tell if it is 2020 that Brockley Forest next appear – I sincerely hope this is a tradition that can be broken.

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Los Doggies – Come And See – Audio

The US alt-rock trio Los Doggies released the LP Heddagabalus on the 20th.

Los Doggies - Come And See

Los Doggies

A seven track, approximately three quarters of an hour, album (available on bandcamp) of vaguely experimental progressive mantle which snuffles through the room exploring all sorts of nooks and crannies and takes the listener on a journey of unexpected jewels.

There is nothing extraneous to the tracks or Heddagabalus as a whole, in a release that is best approached in one sitting, with the listener finding themselves fully immersed in the fantastical chapters, even given there are three songs running to over seven minutes and only one coming in at less than four.

My pick of the release being Come And See, the third composition.

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Magpie Jay – Jungle Jam – Audio

Although keeping themselves very active as a live performance band it is a couple of years since new music was recorded by the Costa Rican alt-rock outfit Magpie Jay.

Magpie Jay - photo by @xerick13

Magpie Jay – photo by @xerick13

Technically Jungle Jam, which surfaced a few hours ago having previously not been revealed, is not a new recording as this is a purely instrumental jam and is taken from a studio session also in 2016, the same time as the the LP Islita was released.

However, given recent stirrings of activity, it is with with fingers crossed that Magpie Jay may be able to steal themselves some time in the studio to create new music for those of us further afield than their touring schedule currently reaches.

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