The Hot – Funtitled – Audio

The US alt-rock duo The Hot released the EP Nobody Loves You on the 13th.

The Hot

The Hot

There is a raw, bleeding, grungy, garage thread to the material created by the two – hence no possibility that I would do anything other than recommend spending time in their company.

The five track available EP (available on bandcamp) is highlighted by the sunken skins of drum that splashes muddy puddles through the room to which strings and vocal play supporting, though integral, roles.

The closing song is Funtitled.

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22Cats – Forever Low – Audio

The alt-rock quartet 22Cats, from Hong Kong, will be releasing the EP Undecided at The Orange Room, Wai Yip Street, Hong Kong, on the 25th of August.



An intoxicating mix of minimalist and maths rock laid to an ambient hush and extended instrumental in the second song to surface from the EP – Forever Low – allows 22Cats to create an experimental, though readily comprehensible, roughly six minutes, composition.

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The Archive – Forever – Audio

The English alt-rock trio The Archive are planning for the release of their début EP in short order.

The Archive

The Archive

A relatively new outfit with only two tracks around, a month or so apart, of different flavour. The most recent, which surfaced on the 3rd is immeasurably stronger than their first reveal.

The melancholic, emoesque Forever, akin to a business of flies, fills the room with an ever more  distorted, buzzing waves of sound as it breaks down and recomposes through the approaching three minutes journey.

On the back of this track I look forward to hearing much more of The Archive, in this vein of composition, in short order.

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EKKO – Devilish – Audio

The Australian alt-rock quintet EKKO released their eponymous three track single on the 29th of June.



Winding through the room in quiet eddies of loping guitar the nineteen minutes single travels through a trippy soundscape which whisks the imagination away on a mystical journey.

My pick of the release is the closer, Devilish, which fills almost half the run time of the single as a whole, with just over nine minutes of progressive psychedelia.


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when its dark out – letting go is not a weakness – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock project when its dark out was introduced earlier in the year.

when its dark out - letting go is not a weakness

when its dark out

A new track surfaced yesterday which is of very different shading.

The eighty seven seconds of letting go is not a weakness are of a fuzzy guitar instrumental that spins around an axis that minds of the grinding wheels of a heavy freight train slowly gaining traction and velocity – an aural demonstration of Newton’s three laws of motion, if you will.

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