Long-Distance – Be A Man – Single Review

The Scotland based alt-rock quartet Long-Distance released the single Be A Man on the 16th.



Be A Man (available on bandcamp) is a blend of melancholic-rock and indie-dance which intrigues for the disparity of source influences that Long-Distance are able to deliver with a striking confidence that holds the listener fully absorbed.

The slowly bending guitar drifts through the speakers, as though a spectral imprint, while the quiet pinning of bass and drum lay as a frame for a signature vocal which is able to stretch to notes high and low enabling the band to impart a composition of intense emotions.

With only a couple of songs available, each a year apart, I merely hope that it isn’t a further twelve months before I next hear from Long-Distance.

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The Mouth Of Ghosts – Tonight – Audio

The English alt-rock band The Mouth Of Ghosts are finalising details for a new EP.

The Mouth Of Ghosts - Tonight

The Mouth Of Ghosts

Originally featured in 2012, shortly thereafter The Mouth Of Ghosts disappeared until reappearing in 2015 with a new release – after a further three years in the shadows Tonight is the first track to surface from the forthcoming EP and once again showcases why they are always a welcome addition as the brooding darkness looms in to the room.

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The Josephs – Record Boy – Video

The Japanese alt-rock quintet The Josephs release the LP Dusty Dreams on the 14th.

The Josephs

The Josephs

The second of the nine tracks – Record Boy – is a song that catches the listener with a twinkle in the eye extending an irresistible invitation to the dance floor to join in with the country-blues infused rock’n’roll.

Dusty Dreams – The Josephs is available on iTunes.*

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Arcane Saints – Something Real – Single Review

The Australian alt-rock band Arcane Saints released the single Something Real on the 6th.

Arcane Saints - Something Real

Arcane Saints

It has been over two years since they last featured and it comes as no surprise to discover the music has evolved.

Something Real finds the quartet in a fairly trippy mood in a song that has a retrospective feel and tangible warmth which emanates from the speakers leaving the audience with a becalming feeling of well-being.

The bending chords and notes of the guitars seemingly slow down time, while unhurried bass pulses below the surface and the elongated vocal adds to the sense of the psychedelia, with the percussion providing the only discernible sense of movement which allows the other elements to drift, as though in outer-space, without becoming lost travellers.

Something Real – Single – Arcane Saints is available on iTunes.*

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Katalina Kicks – Waterfall – Single Review

The English alt-rock trio Katalina Kicks released the single Waterfall today.

Katalina Kicks - Waterfall

Katalina Kicks

Waterfall is their most introspective track thus far featured yet, simultaneously, inclusive of the listener.

Whilst melancholic of countenance there is a developing theme which layers itself through the composition, ultimately leaving the listener positive of the future in a song that was written to reflect on the fractures of thought that occur in a depressive episode to gradually reconcile as the mood improves and light can be seen at the end of the tunnel – which they have managed to encapsulate in the just over four and a third minutes of Waterfalls‘ progression and a testament to the impressive songwriting skills.

News arrives of a new single coming out in the next two to three months , which having had the opportunity to have a listen finds Katalina Kicks returning in different perspective.

Waterfall – Single – Katalina Kicks is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.