Antonioni – Stutter-Step – Audio

The quartet of Sarah Pasillas (Guitar / Vocals / Keys), Kyle Todaro (Drums), Austin Dean (Guitar / Vocals) and Ben Dorcy (Bass), from Seattle (USA) who form the alt-rock band Antonioni release the EP The Odds Were All Beating Me on the 10th.


Antonioni continually shuffle the pack to create tracks of very different atmosphere on the EP (which is available on bandcamp).

Sometimes the keys are given spotlight giving compositions an ethereal nature, other times the guitar leads the way generating songs of more corporeal texture.

Stutter-Step, the most recent song to be revealed and the closer on the EP is an animated two step track which chivvies the audience out on the dance-floor.


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Dead Fall – Drowned Out – Audio

The alt-rock quintet of Jake Gambatese (Vocals), Ryan Task (Guitar), Anthony Lupica (Guitar), Nick Barker (Drums) and Trevor Schafer (Bass) from Kent (USA) who form the band Dead Fall will be releasing the EP Never Expected on the 25th.

Dead Fall
Dead Fall

The first track to surface from the EP – Drowned Out – was itself made available as a standalone single on the 2nd (available on bandcamp).

A pulsing and powerful exposition of highly capable musicians who are able to dig out gnarly riffs as well as tender melodies encased inside an emo wrapper to deliver a track that whets the listeners appetite for the full release.

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The Ringards – Steppenwolf – Single Review

Once again the English alt-rock band The Ringards ring up the changes to their sound with the latest track – Steppenwolf – which appeared on the 28th.

The Ringards - Steppenwolf
The Ringards

Imagine for a moment Transylvania was transported to Patagonia – and you will be in the right area for the new track.

A delicious gothic gloom is laden with the terraces of the wilderness of South America both gathered together for a sultry tango, with Steppenwolf jousting a hip writhing beat as the listener submits to the lead of the black-leather clad, high stilettos dominance of the sensuousness of the bass / vocal combinations.

Probably best heard whilst bound and slicked in body oil with a gyrating partner to fully appreciate – though as the track lasts only a margin over two and a half minutes – think of it as a scene setter and not a timer.

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Jamie Woodfin Jr. – Life In A Bubble – Audio

The alt-rock project of Jamie Woodfin Jr. from Louisville (USA) creates music of dark demeanour.

Jamie Woodfin Jr

Jamie Woodfin Jr

A week yesterday the twelve track LP Synchronized Noise (available on bandcamp) was released. An album that displays a variety of influences in the output, with each track drawing from different wells, though always in common is a rooting in rock and a brooding, oppressive, countenance.

The half-spoken vocals enables the songs to create searing rumbles of ominous presence which roll through the room as though borne of stormy clouds.

Life In A Bubble is the sixth track.


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The Francos – Back To Basics – Single Review

The Australian alt-rock trio The Francos revealed their latest track on the 26th.

The Francos - photo by Madison Small

The Francos – photo by Madison Small

Over time their music has developed in emotional intensity and the newest song Back To Basics, for me, is an exponential step in their progress.

A song which would have fitted squarely in to the Factory Records stable with its harmonics and low slung pace that delivers a palpable sadness which can be felt wiping away its own tear-stains as it emerges from the speakers, yet, in common with the best in melancholia there is an immersive beauty that lays within from which the listener has only a desire to linger for longer and allow themselves to be bathed in the soft glow of the stretched minor chords.

Back to Basics – The Francos is available on iTunes.*

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