NIGHTS – Hollow – Single Review

Nights is a new alt-rock project from the USA.



Currently only one song is around, Hollow, which was released on the 8th, though word arrives of an EP in the offing.

The combinations of electronica and natural instrumentation immediately capture notice and the audience finds themselves intrigued to explore where the slightly poppy blend of rock riffs is heading and once the stupendous vocal enters the fray there is no turning back. With some fortune, for those of us who are not very good with pop-music, discover that as the track develops so the intensity of the rock infusion builds – to create a song that requires immediate replay just to ensure Hollow is as good as was initially thought, only to discover it is even better.

I look forward to hearing more by Mel Denisse – the person who is NIGHTS.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Hollow – Single – NIGHTS is available on iTunes.*

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Nightwalk – Nightwalk – Audio

Dakota Doney is a US alt-rock creator who creates music under the name Nightwalk.



The most recent release, a fourteen track LP,  The Abyss showcases the talents of what is self-evidently an able musician.

Songs travel widely including electrowave and rock ‘n’ roll while taking in acoustic led ballad and more along the way, each more than competently executed, finding the audience captured by the array of tracks and unflustered by the changing moods of the album.

My pick of the release being the aptly, project named, fifth song Nightwalk, which infuses a mélange of styles in to the six minutes and ten seconds of its duration and captures the essence of the complete LP.


The Abyss – Nightwalk is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Kristen – Therapy – Single Review

The US alt-rock outfit Kristen releases the single Therapy next month.



Originating as a solo performer with a folk derivation, over time the project has expanded to a full line-up with Therapy marking a full transition to the new direction of musical travel.

Drawing from the well of rock and soul filtered through a Nashville nesh Therapy has a timeless appeal – being both new and current yet somehow retrospectively familiar with the song generating warmth as it flows through the room.

The thick carpeting of guitars and pedals weaves through bass and percussion while the expressive vocal  is given space to range widely and by the time Therapy is finished the listener is already looking for news of an LP.


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The Braves – Side By Side – Video

The Australian alt-rock trio The Braves made available the second reveal from the forthcoming LP Carry On The Con recently.

The Braves - Photo by Alexandra Rosenblum

The Braves – Photo by Alexandra Rosenblum

Side By Side has a film-noir filter in to which the listener immediately wishes to dive under the duvet and entangle in crossed limbs. The sliding soundscape reminds the audience to stretch out an arm to grab hold of a lotion in which oil the torso.

The song is presented through a muffled barrier which affords Side By Side its beguiling allure with the sprinkled guitar spraying through a baffled bass and percussion combination while the vocal breathes huskily over the earlobes.

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ViceVersa – Move – Single Review

On the 29th the US alt-rock trio ViceVersa released the single Move.

ViceVersa - Move


This is the third occasion in which ViceVersa have featured and each time they have pulled up to the desk with a slightly different toolkit.

Move, which is available on bandcamp, finds them with a lighter texturing, most noticeably missing are the dirty twisted guitar and grumbling bass which have given space for them to deliver a song that extends an invitation to join on the dancefloor and sway with the groove.

Their eye on social inequities is not lost however, with the intention of Move being to offer a song in which the grind of life can be cast aside for the just under three and a half-minutes of its duration.

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