Frostyn – This Is How It’s Gonna Be – Single Review

The alt-indie project Frostyn from Minneapolis (USA) will be releasing the single This Is How It’s Gonna Be on the 22nd.


A track which runs two conjoined ideas which unify, like strawberries and cream, to create a moreish taster.

Underpinned by bright and breezy twinkling of the stardust guitar and synthesised loops, the minors of the elongated properties of the vocal swathe the listener in a web of infectious sadness leaving the audience both swaying on the dance-floor while losing themselves an introspective moment of self-reflection.

This Is How It’s Gonna Be makes for an intimate follow-up to the EP Doc of Love from June of last year – I merely look forward to hearing more while in the meantime I will just clear away that dust that seems to have blown in to my eyes.


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Jackson Davis – Something Else – Audio

The US alt-indie musician Jackson Davis released the 701 EP on the 27th.

Jackson Davis

Jackson Davis

Although only five tracks and less than twenty five minutes in duration, the EP (available on bandcamp), is able to to take the listener on an extended emotional journey. Unrestrained joy is counterbalanced by drifting melancholia, enlightened meditative contemplation usurped by dour introspection with the music laying as diary entries to moments in life.

The closer, which serves as a summation of what has preceded, is Something Else.

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Sulky Boy – Amorous Battle – Video

The English alt-indie duo Sulky Boy released the single Amorous Battle on the 12th.

Sulky Boy

Sulky Boy

An intriguing track which distills emo, maths-rock and indie-dance in to a tasty concoction of elongated vocal, angular guitar and springing drum combinations yet rather than  becoming confused the listener finds themselves tapping alongside while gazing wistfully out in to the middle-distance.

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Amorous Battle – Sulky Boy is available on iTunes.*

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HAUS – Shameless – Single Review

It was in June of last year the the English alt-indie quintet HAUS last featured.

HAUS - Shameless


The latest song to surface – Shameless – which was released last week finds them in more frowning countenance than previous songs of their featured – contemplating, as it does, on the ease by which people feel pressured to conform with the local environs thereby creating silos of exclusion rather than laying out welcoming mats of inclusion.

The darker clouds of the song, driven by a fractious guitar, which conceptually does need to be taken in the context of their musical home territory, allows HAUS to display a greater weave to their catalogue and a tighter connection with their natural audience as well as bringing those of wider fringes in to the fold too.

Shameless is available on Amazon.*

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Jordan Kent – Try – Audio

The US based alt-indie project Jordan Kent releases the LP The Heart Project on the 17th.

Jordan Kent

Jordan Kent

Predominately hip-hop infused guitar led music, Jordan Kent also expresses thoughts with different texturing and the antepenultimate of the dozen tracks Try is one of those.

Written in the early hours Try is a track of sad atmosphere combining acoustic guitar and keys to deliver a melancholic soundtrack which despite the dour countenance is a song of inclusion and contemplative optimism.


The Heart Project – Jordan Kent is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.