Aaron James – Kauri Wood – Video

The US alt-folk musician Aaron James will be releasing the EP Hibernate on the 7th of September.

Aaron James - Kauri Wood

Aaron James

Standing as a bridge from previous material which was drawn from the frisson of new experiences and the forthcoming EP which is a reflective narrative of those now lived events – the single Kauri Wood – which drifts through the room in combinations of acoustic guitar and electronic effects.

Kauri Wood – Single – Aaron James is available on iTunes.*

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Emily Brown – Unseen Girl – Audio

The US alt-folk musician Emily Brown will be releasing the LP Bee Eater on the 31st.

Emily Brown - photo credit - Trevor Christensen Photography

Emily Brown – photo credit – Trevor Christensen Photography

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) of varied though predominately acoustic led instrumentation which enables Emily Brown to showcase a capable vocal that is able to shape itself in to many styles with its wide dynamic and frequency range, giving the music an ever changing mood that alights upon the listener, from the aloof, via the theatrical to tender ballad.

My pick of the release inevitably being atypical of Bee Eater –  the plugged-in, uptempo and most rock’n’rolly of the album – the sixth – Unseen Girl.

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Madeline Kenney – Cut Me Off – Audio

The US alt-folk creator Madeline Kenney will be releasing the LP Perfect Shapes on the 5th of October.

Madeline Kenney

Madeline Kenney

Cut Me Off, the third of the ten songs on the album, which is available on bandcamp, the first to be revealed – has a glitch slippage to it which enables Madeline to create a track that bounces through the room like light reflecting through the facets of a rotating diamond.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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Cursed Arrows – Near Death Daydream – Audio

The Canadian alt-folk trio Cursed Arrows release the LP Rebirth on the 10th of August.

Cursed Arrows

Cursed Arrows

Those who know the band may be scratching their heads wondering about this trio mentioned being more au fait with the duo – of Jackie and Ryan Stanley. Scott Gray has more recently joined them as a full-time fixture. Equally they will find the roughly thirty nine minutes, ten tracks, of Rebirth (available on bandcamp) of different flavour as Cursed Arrows reveal a more intimate and self-examining exposé in a mesmerising thread of songs than their more familiar forthright rock derived compositions.

This is most certainly an album that needs to be heard in its entirety to fully appreciate its stunning tender beauty and I would suggest, both those who know the band and those who don’t, to add the album to the playlist ‘moments of self-reflection’ on its release.

At present, I am only given the option of sharing a particular song – the opener Near Death Dayream – which although not, in my view the highlight of the LP as it is not of the central tenet of the release – does extract a sense of the songs to follow.

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Evelyn Cools – Here’s To You – Audio

It has been a couple of years since the US based alt-folk creator Evelyn Cools last featured.

Evelyn Cools - Here's To You

Evelyn Cools

When last featured the Belgian singer songwriter was based in England and now moved to the USA and returning with a slightly different feel, laid to a more melancholic backdrop set to a fragile architecture which affords brighter spotlight to the singular and tender vocal.

Here’s To You, released on the 29th of May is one of a series of singles scheduled for release.

Here’s to You – Evelyn Cools is available on iTunes.*

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