Dana Williams – There You Go – Single Review

Dana Williams is a US alt-folk creator.

Dana Williams - photo credit @burntcornbread

Dana Williams – photo credit @burntcornbread

The most recent song to be released There You Go – which came out on the 12th – is a beguiling tapestry of dampened acoustic guitar which lays as a mellow backdrop to a voice which the listener wishes they could carry in their head each and every day and pull out whenever frustration with the world around arises, to calm the moment.

The sparkling clarity and range of the vocal finds the audience cocking their head, akin to an attentive puppy, whilst allowing the washes of the voice to circle the room.

If there is any justice remaining in the music industry, Dana Williams, will find a break to become a household name across wide geography.


There You Go – Single – Dana Williams is available on iTunes.*

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The Low Countries – Putty – Audio

The Low Countries, an England based alt-folk outfit, are planning to release the LP We Weathered The Storm in March.

The Low Countries - Putty

The Low Countries

After a dearth of new material since 2016 it was a delight to discover there is more in the offing from a troupe who are able to able to deliver music which teeters betwixt the stool of melancholic despondency and optimistic glee without ever seeming at odds with the juxtaposition.

The first track to surface from the album, which itself will be released as a stand alone single on the 26th, Putty, (a revision of the original which appeared on the 2014 LP – A Prize Everytime) extrapolates the contrasts of their material as the dour vocal lays astride accompanying guitars, harmonica and percussion, which has the listener both bleary eyed and stamping feet with wide grin at one and the same moment.

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HAMSTANK – Smile – Audio

The US alt-folk project HAMSTANK released the LP Rise Of The Giant King on the 9th.



A nine track album (available on bandcamp) which contains a mix of musical styles – some reminding of medieval folklore, in other moments contemporary folk even heading out to rock ballads while a luxury hamper of instrumentation and effects take to the stage. While that all sounds like a heady mixture of ideas, within the context of the tale told in the LP, it all fits in to a cohesive narrative and is most certainly a release to hear in one sitting to fully contextualise the unfolding storyline.

By way of an introduction the closer – Smile.


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Elizabeth And The Catapult – Ambrosia – Video

Within the past few hours the US alt-folk project Elizabeth And The Catapult revealed a new live version of Ambrosia.

Elizabeth And The Catapult

Elizabeth And The Catapult

Taken from the most recent LP – KeepsakeAmbrosia, the fourth of the dozen tracks. This live version captures the essence of both the song and the album as a whole, with its layered loops and frail texturing.


Keepsake – Elizabeth & The Catapult is available on iTunes.*

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אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) – ועינייך שקט (And Your Eyes Are Quiet) – Audio

The Israeli alt-folk creator אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) last featured a couple of years ago.

אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) - ועינייך שקט (And Your Eyes Are Quiet)

אורן ברזילי

The latest song to surface ועינייך שקט (And Your Eyes Are Quiet) was revealed in advance of an extensive tour and showcases the hypnotic vocal in a ballad in which the mind becomes transfixed and exemplifies why there is a strong fanbase.

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