SPOD – Day In The Sun – Audio

The Australian alt-electro project SPOD releases the LP Adult Fantasy in August.



The album will be adding to the extensive catalogue of material which, although never taking itself too seriously, is always able to add to any party moment with its delightful subdued lofidelity analogue synths and zingy beats.

The first song to surface from the LP – Day In The Sun – spreads a summery vibe that palpably warms the room and will be released as a standalone single on the 20th.


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Juniore – Un Twist – Audio

Juniore, the French alt-electro band, release the LP Ouh Là Là on the 3rd Of March.

Juniore - Un Twist


From the fourteen track album – Un Twist is the eleventh.

Ouh là là – Juniore is available on iTunes.*

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Billy Pilgrim – If Hindsight Could Save A Life – Audio

The English alt-electro creator Billy Pilgrim reveals new music from time to time.

Billy Pilgrim

Billy Pilgrim

Following up on the LP Get Human last year his latest track –  If Hindsight Could Save A Life has, as perhaps to be anticipated give the eclectic range of the previous seven songs revealed, a very different feel in what is at its core a just under three minute techno number.

Although the guitar and piano having gone there remains his quizzical, wry lyrical content and it isn’t often that a Xylophone and steel drums are used as the lead instruments.

Evidently a talented instrumentalist and songwriter, who also knows his way around electronica – I look forward to hearing more by Billy Pilgrim.

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Saint Cole

Emerging from Wakefield in England is the alt-electro duo of Nic Marsden (Vocals / Production) and Curt Shaw (Jazz Guitar / Keys / Bass) who form Saint Cole.

Saint Cole - alt-electro from England

Saint Cole

In the early stages of their development, regular readers will recall their introduction in May, since when the sound has become more defined as a regular stream of tracks keep surfacing. The easy flowing constructs are darkened by an underbelly of bassy pulses, from which the keys spring around the room in tangents of shimmering shards and a mid-section which lays with mildly distorted instrumentation and sanded vocal, resulting in the sounds drifting past the ears – always just out of reach as though nothing more than a figment of the imagination. It is this sense of  ghostly apparition which gives the resulting music its intense impact.

Saint Cole have numerous plans afoot, including finalisation of a visual feast of anonymity for live performance along with more one-off and full releases in the coming months. Having spent considerable time speaking to Nic over the past few months, I have little doubt other changes will be along the way to surprise and delight.

This is an out-fit to get to know in the early stages of their development as they have the potential to travel far with their compositions, which offer much to the audience, requiring only capacious amounts of time to allow the music to fully immerse the brain in the psychedelic flow.


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Her Magic Wand

Her Magic Wand from Paris in France is the alt-electro performer Charles Braud.

Her Magic Wand - alt-electro from France

Her Magic Wand

The synthetics weave their way in gentle undulations as Her Magic Wand divest thoughts into creativity. The music reminds me of ’70s British Rock, the likes of ELO, as the warming washes take on tinctures of rainbow palette as they billow around the room. Unlike needlessly voluminous extravagances of the influence, Charles holds a tight rein to the tracks, which have a clear purpose.

Drifting in and out of psychedelia Her Magic Wand uses the travels of the mind not, to disappear into vortexes of the impervious, rather to allow the music to take on its fluidity that skims the cilia into sympathetic motion. The sounds slip easily into the mind and the fascination lays, like watching oil floating on water as a spectrum of colours reflect, mesmeric for its viscosity.

An LP is in the works for 2015 and having had the opportunity to listen to four of the tracks, I give you an advanced notice, Everything At Once will be worth adding to the collection when it finally appears.

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The lead and LP title track Everything at Once – Single – Her Magic Wand is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.