Alpina is – Seth Walton (Guitar / Vocals), Ben Lomas (Lead Guitar), Luke Bowers (Bass) and Sim Lee (Drums) – an alt-rock quartet from Peterborough in England.

Alpina - alt-rock from England


Alpina deliver a sound which has tinges of mod-revivalist and psychedelia as the two guitars are deployed to add intricacies of softly pedaled harmonies, to which a bouncing bass / percussion keeps pushing forward the pieces as a vocal which is able to catch the mood of the individual tracks, ranging from the half-spoken to the melodious, rounds out the music.

This seems to be a week of connections from the local taxi firm, as Alpina were also introduced through that route.

Recently formed, Alpina, have spent time to develop their sound before launching themselves on a wider world and that has been time well spent, as, given by the tracks which have surfaced in the past few days this is an outfit with far to travel in the music industry.

Just beginning to secure live performances Alpina is a band to get to know in their early stages of development and I certainly look forward to hearing more over the coming years.

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