All These Animals – Grammatical False Friend – Audio

The German dark-acoustic-rock project All These Animals released the EP Follow​-​Up on the 26th.

All These Animals - Grammatical False Friend

All These Animals

With a different emphasis to music previously featured Follow-Up is a four track EP (available on bandcamp) comprised of shorter pieces with a less oppressive soundtrack, though of more sad countenance, with the whole release lasting around nine minutes. The closer being Grammatical False Friend.

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All These Animals – Blank Mange – Audio

The Germany based dark-acoustic-rock project of Mike Wilson – All These Animals released the EP I Drew A Ghost on the 27th of July.

All These Animals - Photo by Mika Neiglick

All These Animals – Photo by Mika Neiglick

The closing track of the five on the release (available on bandcamp) Blank Mange accounts for three quarters of the running time of I Drew A Ghost and is almost twice the length of the next longest track, running as it does for a shade over six minutes.

Longer term readers will know that I have a preference for shorter songs by instinct and the fact that there was choice of sharing one that lasts less than a minute and a half is a good indicator that I do think getting to know All These Animals is time well spent.

The sombre instinct of All These Animals is encapsulated in Blank Mange which drips like moss in a dank cellar around the ears as the low-fidelity recording spreads seeps into the bone marrow, leaving the listener engrossed in the flickering shadows that appear, abruptly ending with a frozen half bar, akin to a ‘…’ in written prose – leaving the mind creating its own concluding stanzas. Does that make the I Drew A Ghost EP a Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 in B minor in the making, were there other tracks and instrumentation that have also never quite been finished, is this still a work in progress never to be concluded? – one is left to ponder.

With only one release a year, dating back to 2013, this being only the second EP – I seem to have caught up with All These Animals in a loquacious biennial as there is plenty to digest within the five tracks. I am already looking forward to the two or three track single which I anticipate in 2017.


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