Colornoise from Heredia in Costa Rica is the alt-rock duo of Sonya Carmona (Lead vocals / guitar) and Alison Alvarado (Drums / vocals).

Colornoise - alt-rock from Costa Rica


Slightly psychedelic in feel Colornoise deliver a sound that crawls across the room before devouring the listener in a maze of hazy guitar as the percussion beats against the brain with an eerily echoed vocal completing the delights of the compositions.

To suggest this is a band with a broad appeal is somewhat stating the obvious as evidenced by their appearances in South and North America, with an invitation to Canada later this year proving testament to the intoxicating music delivered by Colornoise.

The duo create sounds that resonate of atmospherics with a style that completely captivates the audience in the moment. The nature of the material makes longer tracks appropriate and they offer enough interest within pieces that can last up to five minutes to keep the listener engrossed. The songs themselves are expressions of life and the universe and these shifts of focus are reflected in compositions which range from the gloomy to the ethereal, yet all delivered with an immediately recognizable signature.

Formed in 2009 and with a couple of LPs behind them in addition to their extensive international touring, I wish Colornoise the wider recognition they undoubtedly deserve.


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