Alfie Jack – Remain – Single Review

The English rock’n’maths outfit Alfie Jack revealed a new track in the past few days.

Alfie Jack - Remain

Alfie Jack

A highly infectious virus is unleashed on hitting play and the listener finds themselves immediately robotically rattling and rolling through the room as the angular and dampened guitar skitters through the ears akin to a jammed punchcard processor firing pins of repeated holes in to ever more compressed layers of paper, whilst sprightly vocals and bouncing percussion springs unhindered in pleasured abandon in a song that gradually evolves to ever more ska beat as it extends.

Each time I return to Alfie Jack they are are able to pull another idea out of the warren, which, they couch in unexpected furnishings.

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Alfie Jack – Uniform – Audio

The English alt-indie duo Alfie Jack release the EP Playground Antics on the 28th.

Alfie Jack - Uniform

Alfie Jack

Revealed within the past few hours Uniform is taken from the forthcoming release. A track that retains their infectious mischievous enthusiasm while of more musical substance than much of their previous material.

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Alfie Jack

Alfie Jack is the acoustic rock ‘n’ roll duo of Freddie and George from Spalding in England.

Alfie Jack - acoustic rock 'n' roll from England

Alfie Jack

In the tradition of British Pub bands Alfie Jack take the barest of instrumental bones and turn the evening into a lively session of story-telling to dance and chant to along with a pint or two to hand. Formed a couple of years ago the duo they have secured a local engagement and have begun to strike out further afield with live performances and are set to take their infectious joie de vivre across global boundaries with the recent release of their début single Captain.

The music works due entirely to its ability to grab hold of the listener and get them into good time mood and Alfie Jack have that self-assured swagger, that doesn’t stray into cockiness, which makes the audience immediately want to be on their side.

Threading through the back catalogue of the past couple of years is journey that raises a smile and worth investing the time doing. Their début is very much part of the development story and a fine starting point in securing a wider fan-base.

It will be interesting to catch up with Alfie Jack in a year or so and hopefully the fresh buoyancy will remain as it stands today.

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