Sex With Strangers – Dull Kisses – Video

First introduced in 2014, Sex With Strangers, the Canadian electro-goth quintet last featured in 2015, making an update more than overdue.

Sex With Strangers - Dull Kisses

Sex With Strangers

One change in line-up with Hayley Ray (Keys / Vocals) replacing Alexis Young (Vocals / Keys) along with one Single, two EPs (one – Curses – released last month available on bandcamp) and one album in between does mean that I have missed a fair amount of happenings, a sadness for which I apologise.

A live performance video of an unreleased track – Dull Kisses – most recently surfaced, I merely desire that I will be more up to date in keeping you abreast with the activity of the quintet in the future.

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Sex With Strangers

Sex With Strangers from Vancouver in Canada is the alt-rock band of Hatch Benedict (Vocals / Keys), Mike Gentile (Bass), Alexis Young (Vocals / Keys), Cory Price (Guitar) and Dan Walker (Drums).

Sex With Strangers - alt-rock from Canada

Sex With Strangers

With seven years behind them and the release of their fifth LP – the ten track – You Know Something We Don’t? just recently, Sex With Strangers has more experience than most of the bands reviewed, which is evidenced in the quality of their material. Despite the relative longevity the quintet retain a fresh enthusiasm that is so often lost by bands of long standing.

Drawing from a wide compass of references Sex With Strangers is able to convert those influences to deliver rock romanticism with a dash of turbulence to produce music which has a gloominess that envelops the mind in the journey of sound. The delightfully constructed compositions float around the room as threads of silk, which fascinate the ears as the quintet amalgamate into a single unit whilst the instruments and vocal paint the story-lines.

Without ever over producing the reproductions Sex With Strangers deliver recorded music that would sit well in any-ones play-list as an example of a band who haven’t lost their way, yet are able on each release to add something new and I am given to believe that their live performances are something of a pleasure to attend.


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