A Venus Fly Trap

A Venus Fly Trap from Skopje in Macedonia is the synth-indie trio of Aleksandar Savovski (Guitar / Vocal), Petar Panevski (Bass) and Goran Stojcevski (Keyboards / Vocal / Rhythm Machine).

A Venus Fly Trap - Synth Indie from Macedonia

A Venus Fly Trap

Casting a critical eye at the suburban well tended lawns, A Venus Fly Trap add a social commentary where reality and gloss stand at odds with each other. Smartly run melodies buffer the antithesis of the context of the music giving it greater impact.

The trio use electronics extensively to add the atmosphere to the tracks, which are underlain by a throbbing bass-line, whilst percussion scatters around the room like a trapped fly, giving a sense of panic. Vocal and guitar combine to add the finishing touches to what are undoubtedly well conceived compositions.

A Venus Fly Trap is a band to take for a run-out at pretty well any-time when there are a few minutes to spare as the textures of sounds offer plenty to consider and need to be focused on to allow the material to fully appreciate the music.

Well established in the local environment, their latest nine track LP – Невреме (Storming), which came out in March and is available from bandcamp, gives hopes of a broader international audience, which is richly deserved.

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