Luck,Now is a recently formed alt-rock band from Mantova in Italy. Initially formed as a duo – Manga and Vicky – now the live line-up of Gubba (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Ale (Vocals / Guitars / Synth), Vicky (Drums), Manga (Bass / Vocals) and Checo (Guitar / Backing Vocals).

Luck,Now - alt-rock from Italy


Luck,Now express a pent up frustration that burns its way through the lightness of the material and this combination of mutinous bass and percussion, pairing with cheerful synth and bright guitar gives the out-put an immediate attraction, to which the commentariate vocal strides successfully between the disparate concepts.

Formed out of the ashes of What,Really?, Luck,Now have utilised the experience, to develop a more textured sound. In many ways minding of Californian new-wave in the late ’70s Luck,Now freshen up the influences to deliver music that connects with the ’10s with the combination of depressing realities which are unable to repress the buoyant optimism.

I have only had the opportunity to hear the début EP, released on the 24th – just another lucky start (available on bandcamp), which was recorded by the formation duo taking all the parts, so it will be interesting to hear follow-up material with the full line-up. Given the recording in isolation, Luck,Now is a band with far to travel in the world of music.

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What, Really?

What, Really? is an indie band from Brennero in Italy comprising AleMangaRobbé and Paz.

What, Really? - indie band from Italy

What, Really?

Very easy on the ears, What, Really? is more importantly a quartet who is able to take the plain and add toppings of tastiness.  The band who introduce themselves as power-pop were inevitably listened to with ears uninterested and the opening few bars of the first track of their debut EP certainly didn’t fill me with much more enthusiasm. Perseverance paid off and I came to the meat and grist of the music, which is blend of pop ballads, combined with brit-pop and american indie-pop and the combinations make sense.

What, Really? place store on the clean lines of the vocals and manage to add some entertaining guitar effects to provide music which does hold the attention of the audience. Just over a year into their existence the music is undoubtedly a sound that resonates across the audiences, with appearances across Italy and an appearance in the UK. A line-up change in September 2013 will allow the band to add more depth to the out-put.

Not for my everyday playlist, but I am quite certain What, Really? will appear on other peoples, once they have had the opportunity to hear the music.


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