Alberteen – Post-Human – Audio

The English electro-rock quintet Alberteen release the two track single Hey Joe! on the 28th.

Alberteen - Post-Human


The A side and title of the single is not, as those of my thought may immediately ponder a reference to Hey Joe by Captain Sensible on the LP Wargasm, rather a literary note to the English playwright Joe Orton.

Though as you will have rightly assumed by the article title my pick of the release is the B side – Post-Human and therefore the mention of the Captain Sensible song makes far more sense as the calm synthesis gently blowing the ears with a teasing warmth breath within the context of the dystopian landscape of the song bears strong symmetry.

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Alberteen – The Son’s Room – Single Review

The English synthwave quintet Alberteen released the single The Son’s Room a few hours ago.



Painting the room in wide pastel brushstrokes of electronica, keys, percussion instrumentation and layered vocals the listener finds themselves washed in renaissance modernism as the blurry hues flow through the ears overtaking the pulses of the synapses.

Alberteen are able to deliver, in The Son’s Room, a song of multifarious layers and textures from which the cerebrum is able to simultaneously elicit streaming tears and statuesque visage as the quintet deliver a haunting soundscape in to which the audience melts as though the sixth player in the scenery.


The Son’s Room – Single – Alberteen is available on iTunes.*

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