Albert Bagman – Give Up The Ghost – Audio

On the 27th of October the US minimalist-rock creator Albert Bagman releases the LP Straw.

Albert Bagman - Give Up The Ghost

Albert Bagman

A ten track album full of varied ideas and texturing as once again Albert Bagman delves deep in to the well of creativity to deliver just over half an hour of loosely nailed guitar and electronica flighted with distorted vocal which holds the listener in rapt attention to ensure not missing any of the eddies and ripples of sound whilst Straw threads through eerie, melancholia and the experimental.

Always a pleasure to return to a musician who has featured regularly since introduction back in 2015.

The second track on the album is Give Up The Ghost – a song of open architecture.

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Albert Bagman – Block Freak – Single Review

It has been a few months since the US alternative-reality creator Albert Bagman last featured.

Albert Bagman - Block Freak

Albert Bagman

There is always a sense of surprised anticipation on hitting play for the first time with an Albert Bagman track as one never knows from which angle the music is going to flex its way out of the speakers.

The newest track to surface, which was revealed within the past twenty four hours, Block Freak has the feeling of a hip-hop track that has been put into a compressor and suddenly had the pressure released with the track capturing the exploding constituent parts whilst springs and wires hurtle round in random directions, placing them into some semblance of order.

Block Feat will be on the EP Excuse, which is due for release later in the year.

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Albert Bagman – Till Death – Audio

The US melancholic-experimental Albert Bagman has become a regular feature on the site since being introduced last year.

Albert Bagman - Till Death

Albert Bagman

The latest track to surface, still in demo form, which was made available a few hours ago is Till Death, which is perhaps the nearest Albert Bagman will get to a love song.

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New Year Ninety 2016 – 50 to 41

Reaching the half-way mark of the readers New Year Ninety for 2016.

Voodoo And The Crypts - New year Ninety 2016

Voodoo And The Crypts

50. Galvarino (USA)

Double – Single – Galvarino is available on iTunes.*

49. thexperience (England)

48. Voodoo And The Crypts (England)

47. Seven Waves (Ukraine)

46. Bottlecock (Australia)

45. Bopek (Philippines)

44. Lower Cut (Greece)

Off My Head – Lower Cut is available on iTunes.*

43. Albert Bagman (USA)

42. Feral Kizzy (USA)

Slick Little Girl – Feral Kizzy is available on iTunes.*

41. Fat Heaven (USA)

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Albert Bagman – Anchor – Video

In January the melancholic- rock creator Albert Bagman, from the USA was introduced.

Albert Bagman - Anchor

Albert Bagman – Anchor

From the three track single – Burlap (which is available on bandcamp) the opening number – Anchor.

The patience of solo musicians always finds me reaching for Ibuprofen to deal with the impending headache, as you will know, my patience is non-existent. Albert Bagman, not only recorded all the elements of the song, but also created the paper figures which feature, many fleetingly, in the video.

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