The Bowling Alley Sound – The Highway State – Single Review

The US art-rock quintet The Bowling Alley Sound released the single The Highway State on the 15th.

The Bowling Alley Sound - The Highway State

The Bowling Alley Sound

In similar vein to their previous single Alabama Dissonance, which featured last year, The Highway State is inspired from being on the road, albeit on this occasion the music has a more disturbed underpinning which ebbs and flows akin to traffic moving and stopping in a traffic queue.

During its nine and almost two thirds of a minutes The Highway State (available on bandcamp) is led by a variety of spotlight instruments, including blown, strummed, bowed and keyed which further adds to the choppy motion of the journey.

It will be interesting to discover how many miles in to the inspiration of the tarmacadam of road trips The Bowling Alley Sound will further travel, in what is proving to be a rich seam of creativity, in its allegories of human interrelationships.

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The Bowling Alley Sound – Alabama Dissonance – Single Review

The Bowling Alley Sound is an avant-garde quintet from the USA.

The Bowling Alley Sound

The Bowling Alley Sound

Today is taking the shape of one in which my inept administration is on full display as once again – this is something that has been languishing in my email inbox for well over a week.

Prior to hitting play suspend all concepts of expected song structure and allow yourself the time to empty the mind of thoughts of natural breaks as the just under nine minutes of their latest single – Alabama Dissonance (available on bandcamp), is a continuum which spins in to an axis of buffeting side impacting interventions in a composition that was inspired by travelling down a motorway in the dark of night, under a violent thunderstorm with limited visibility due the intensity of rainfall with articulated lorries hurtling past and blinding lighting and roaring claps of thunder adding to the disorientation, yet with a consistent undercurrent, representative of the motion of a car serenely progressing down the road regardless of outside unquiet.


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