Ajay Malghan – Heat Stroke – Video

The US visual artist and experimental-electronics creator Ajay Malghan was introduced last year.

Ajay Malghan - Heat Stroke

Ajay Malghan

The self-explanatory title Heat Stroke was created during a heatwave. Word also arrives of a new thirty-four minute single track release Space Tapes – surfacing imminently.

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Ajay Malghan – Vallis – Video

Ajay Malghan is an experimental electronics creator from the USA.

Ajay Malghan - Vessel - artwork

Ajay Malghan – Vessel – artwork

My apologies to all concerned and to you for the late posting as news of the release of the LP, Vessel, which came out on the 28th of August, through Metal Postcard Records, has been sitting in my email inbox since the 29th.

From the eight track release (which is available on bandcamp), the second – Vallis.


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