Secret Club

AJ Babcock (Bass / Vocals), Angela Plake (Guitar / Backing Vocals) and Nate Moran (Drums) from Nashville in the USA form the garage rock outfit Secret Club.

Secret Club - garage rock from the USA

Secret Club

Grumbling fuzz devours the ears as Secret Club unleash their unfettered commentary of the world around in a freneticism of activity. The angular chords and beats sit at juxtaposition to the veiled fused soundscape, which gives the out-put an immediate attention grabbing feature as sharpness is diffused through a filter of mesh.

Combining good humour with dour commentary Secret Club offers the audience a dégustation menu from which to enjoy and it works particularly well. Relatively newly out of the blocks, their début eleven track LP Apocalypse Meow, set for release in June finds a decent slice of material in which the audience can find satiation.

Secret Club is well worth getting to know now before gig ticket prices become stratospheric.


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