Hugo Kensdale & Band

Based around the thoughts of Hugo Kensdale – Hugo Kensdale & Band based in Manchester in England – is an agit-folk-rock collective.

Hugo Kensdale & Band - agit-folk-rock from England

Hugo Kensdale & Band

Slowly turning across the room are sounds that remind me of The Kinks, wrapped in a Café in Marseilles surrounded by drifts of morose contemplatives as Hugo Kensdale & Band consider the world of discordance.

Equally able to shift between unplugged acoustics to full blown brass, keys and strings Hugo Kensdale & Band is able to extract the nuances of reflective that reverberate of a world in turmoil. The easy flowing compositions ease their way across the ears, leaving trails of blood as the songs contemplate on social and personal tumult.

Many dismiss anything touching folk as something of no relevance, they are ignoring the most important lyric writers and agitators in music over many decades and whilst this may sit outside the comfort zone of a Friday night party, to ignore Hugo Kensdale & Band is to miss some of the most relevant contemplatives of the current reality.

Whilst I don’t expect you will turn on the radio or television to find Hugo Kensdale & Band lighting up your ears, were there justice in the world – you would and my personal thanks for exploring the avenues excavated.


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The Quitters

The Quitters from Las Vegas in the USA is the agit-rock quartet of Marc Roqsberg (Bass / Vocals), Miqah Mayhem (Drums), Tommy A.K. (Guitar) and Dizzle Q Guapo (Guitar).

The Quitters - agit-rock from The USA

The Quitters

Rolling into the room The Quitters deliver an aural feast with their range of influences, which allow the band to provide a journey from the theatrical to the snarling rage. Essentially a message of change emanates from the band and with the ability to mix up the sounds the quartet are able to eloquently articulate their frustrations from the sources on which they draw to create their music.

The dexterity of references that The Quitters is able to draw from give them an incredibly powerful presence as the band slow down and speed up the tempo adding or subtracting layers without ever leaving the listener in any doubt that they are not impressed with the world order.

Having spent time on the live circuit and with releases behind them the quartet have gained the confidence to concentrate on the contexts of song, music and lyric which gives them a freedom to explore their musical and compositional skills. Providing the listener with music that at one moment spears into the bloodstream, other times gets the brain working and marks The Quitters out as a band with a difference.

A new LP – the eleven track Contributing To Erosion, through SquidHat Records which comes out on the 8th July  is a great development in the sound of The Quitters and well worth adding to the collection. Sadly, as of this moment, I can’t share any of the new tracks.


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Rev Porl And The Voice Of God

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God from Manchester in England is the agit-rock collaboration of Rev Porl (Vocals), Stu Crozier (Bass / electronics), Jonnie Moran (Drums), Fish (Guitar), Steve Borsley (Trumpet) and Ros Hawley (Clarinet).

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God - agit-rock from England

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God

Combining a disparity of instruments and a voice that bears a startling similarity to John Cooper Clarke with a 21st Century re-take. If like me, you enjoy music which provokes thought Rev Porl And The Voice Of God are great territory to explore.

Having been in the underground for many a year, this is where it is likely to remain the case as the positioning is seeking to challenge and in the mainstream music media there is absolutely no interest in disturbing their smug little lives.

Were anyone were ever to take an interest, which is why I am asking you take some time out of your day, the combinations of the poetic lyrics which are semi-chanted to an accompaniment of relevant instrumentation seeks to raise pertinent questions about the status quo in a parody of the accepted norms.

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The Bordellos

The Bordellos from St. Helens in England is the agit-rock trio of Brian (Guitar / Bass /vocals), Dan (Keyboards / Bass / Guitar / Drums / Vocals) and Ant (Percussion / Harmonica / Vocals).

The Bordellos - agit-rock from England

The Bordellos

Ever focussing on issues which vex them, The Bordellos reflect a continually changing landscape in their music. Extant for many a year through various iterations, the music ever has a connectedness of vicissitude melted into lo-fi hieroglyphs.

There is much to credit a core group of musicians who can find commonality in an ever shifting paradigm of shifting sands as they peruse the inconsistencies of the world outside their window. Parallaxes of sounds drift across the room as The Bordellos expound on the issues of strife.

Sporadic releases are made available in short bursts of activity which resonate of a moment in time and the band offers a reflective snapshot of the surrounding moment.

Personally I enjoy music which is of its moment as it stands as a testament, in the same way to diary entries of currency. Which for it’s very self-reflective introspection makes it less tangible when looked at from a different lens and I will inevitably seek to offer you music from time to time which causes you a moment to conjugate.

I find The Bordellos fascinating for their very inconsistencies and hope they stay to diarise the world from  St. Helens for a long time to come.


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Mindless Violence

From Skopje in Macedonia comes Марко КрстевскиMarko Krstevsk – (Vocals), Александар ИлиевскиAleksandar Ilievsk – (Guitar), Стефан РистовскиStefan Ristovski – (Bass) and Кристијан ТодоровKristijan Todorov – (Drums) who make up the agit-rock band Mindless Violence.

Mindless Violence - agit-rock from Macedonia

Mindless Violence

There is an absolute purity in the spittle which sprays out of the speakers as Mindless Violence describe the realities of the world around. Subtly playing in the background is a sense of hope and even a sense of humour, one can’t help but be reminded of The UK Subs. A slight change in line-up over the three years of their existence sees the band remaining true to the sense of travel.

As with many bands I review from this part of the world, there is a scarcity of recorded material (though on this occasion two EPs spread over two years) which reflects on finances and availability of space. The iterations of Mindless Violence also bring to mind the bands from behind the Iron Curtain back in the late ’70s early ’80s who used to manage to smuggle their music out via Hamburg for onward distribution to the fans of new wave.

Whilst absolutely of today and the here and now Mindless Violence speak for generations of the disaffected going back in the mists of time and the stark sounds make this timeless and absolutely relevant.


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