Pussy Riot & Dave Sitek – Bad Apples – Video

The US based element, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, of the Russian originating agit-rock collective Pussy Riot released the single Bad Apples on the 9th.

Pussy Riot - Bad Apples

Pussy Riot

A collective first featured back in 2012 and featured regularly ever since. News arose late last month that two of the collective were detained in Crimea for a few days.

Currently on a month long tour in the USA with one date in Mexico – the video for Bad Apples was released as part of the International Women’s Day of the 8th.

Bad Apples – Single – Pussy Riot & Dave Sitek is available on iTunes.*

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Gavin Chappell-Bates – Bad Faith / Good Faith – Single Review

The English agit-rock creator Gavin Chappell-Bates is finalising details of the LP – The Last One.

Gavin Chappell-Bates - Bad Faith / Good Faith

Gavin Chappell-Bates

Each composition featured has been of different texturing and the song Bad Faith / Good Faith, which is being released as a stand alone single on the 8th of December (available on bandcamp), with its indie-dance vibe, is no exception to the pattern.

Whilst simultaneously inviting the listener to the dance-floor in a good mood Bad Faith / Good Faith equally implores the audience to stop being herded in to ‘acceptable’ silos of  behaviour as the lyric laments of a world in which living a life which is true to ones own beliefs is de facto the wrong thing to do unless they fit the proscribed uniformity of thought process.

Whether you listen to the song ignoring the dance invitation and preferring to ingest the lyric in contemplative mood I merely posit spending time in company will not be time you will regret spending.

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The Bordellos – They Shoot horses don’t they – Audio

The English agit-rock trio The Bordellos were first introduced back in 2014.

The Bordellos - They Shoot horses don't they

The Bordellos

Word arrives that they may be packing up their bags for a while – though before they disappear – perhaps for ever – from the most recent four track EP The Bordellos underground tape vol 7 (available on bandcamp) the second track They Shoot horses don’t they minds the listener of their long reach to us all. One can only hope they rediscover interest in their own creativity as they sit as a beacon of light in the fog of the malaise of the 21st Century and should they dim – it will be a sadness of passing.

In the possibility that this is a eulogy – I extend my thanks to The Bordellos and gratitude for their legacy.

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Blindmunkee – Prey – Video

The Australian agit-rockers Blindmunkee recently revealed a new track.

Blindmunkee - Prey


With scathing comment on the world around, Prey combines tightly packed rock-riffs with their signature half-rapped lyric, which in this instance is also set to a hip-hop tempo, giving the song a furious temper, which is best heard with speakers wide open as the soundwaves rattle the window frames.

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El Topo

Surfacing from Bath in England – Patrick Fenton (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Russe (Drums), Jimmy Goodyer (Guitar) and Michael Owen (Bass) form the agit-rock band El Topo.

El Topo - agit-rock from England

El Topo

Flooding from the speakers like a breached damn El Topo deliver a frenetic pace of two guitars which grapple with each other. Much like watching greyhounds racing around the track each element of the band takes position to deliver greatest impetus off the bend, giving the compositions an engaging organic flow as one moment the guitars lead the way, next the bass, then the drum and surprisingly even the vocal is that which others are chasing to catch up.

Given the hive of activity it would be easy to assume El Topo must all collapse into a collision, but far from it as from within the threshing machine emerges compositions of instrumental context and lyrical acidity.

These are evidently a quartet with considerable song-writing and delivery capability who are able to express their intense frustrations with a societal construct that bears no relation to the needs of 99% who seem to happily remain subservient to the 1% whilst retaining a message that is readily understood by the audience without strain and a delivery that has you heading for the mosh pit with joyful abandon.

Formed last year El Topo is a studio band with eight tracks behind them, to get to know, I only hope they manage to find time to reach out to a live audience too.

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