Yungblud – Die For The Hype – Audio

On the 6th the English agit-rock project Yungblud released the LP 21st Century Liability.

Yungblud - Die For The Hype


A roughly thirty five minutes, dozen track, album which has the ability to be simultaneously good time dance whilst also casting scathing commentary of society imploding in to its own self-created abyss.

The second song is – Die For The Hype.

21st Century Liability – YUNGBLUD is available on iTunes.*

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Band Of The Month – June 2018 – Editors’ Choice

Closing out the first half of what has been, so far, a year of superb new music that has wandered across my desk The Editors’ Choice For Band Of The Month for June. My thanks to all music creatives, whether our paths ever cross or not, you do make the world a better place.

Based in Italy – the agit-rock quartet – polemica.

Passenger On The Ghost Ship is from the LP Breach which is available on bandcamp.

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BOAYT – Young And Hungry – Audio

The US agit-rock trio BOAYT are planning to release the LP Young And Hungry imminently.

BOAYT - photo by Roxplosion

BOAYT – photo by Roxplosion

Three songs have surfaced from the forthcoming album the most recent –  the title track – was made available as a standalone single on the 20th (available on bandcamp).

Pouring scorn on a society which has wrapped itself in to so many tautologies that edicts conflict within themselves resulting in a positioning in which even people who agree with each other feel safer arguing amongst themselves as self-inflicted damage tears through the many – all to the delight of the very few.

The fact that the trio happen to be based in Washington D.C. merely adds to my delight.


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polemica – Silly Me – Audio

The Italy based agit-rock quartet polemica released the LP Breach on the 9th.

polemica - photo by Mariangela Quadrini

polemica – photo by Mariangela Quadrini

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) that winds its way deep in to the mind of the listener as the quartet reflect on a world of social-injustice and deliver intriguing queries and angles of perspective all wrapped inside combinations of synth and guitar which have a dystopian presence that looms through the room with the pacey percussion inviting the listener to become involved with the music on the dance-floor while the immersive and expressive vocal unerringly sweeps through melodies and sneering contempt.

The music minds of the likes of the ’80s UK protest bands such as Crass, Poison Girls, Canker Opera etc. with the politically charged message and challenging constructs which veer from structured rock’n’roll to almost experimental spikes – hence with no doubt – as longer stay readers will know – a sound I have no hesitation in recommending to add to the essentials of life playlist.

The sixth track is Silly Me.

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Struggle Session – Good Earth, Mad City – Audio

Struggle Session is a China based agit-rock quartet.

Struggle Session

Struggle Session

A quartet made up of musicians from Morocco, China, the USA and Australia who tirelessly tour both nationally and internationally – Struggle Session deliver music which side-swipes against a world of silos with a brutal tsunami of sound which despite its initial seeming wall of spittle is in fact predominately humorous and satirically scathing while offering a hand of inclusion to those who care about a world of equality and dismissive of those who don’t.

Their most recent release, which came out on the 5th, was a ten track split record with the Chinese outfit Arryam of which they were responsible for four (available on bandcamp), my pick of which is Good Earth, Mad City.

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