Irascible Fuck Brigade – Ummerica – Single Review

The English agit-glitch project Irascible Fuck Brigade releases the single Ummerica on the 6th of October.

Irascible Fuck Brigade - Ummerica

Irascible Fuck Brigade

Following on from the introduction earlier in the year Ummerica is as equally an uncompromising distillation of of socio-geopolitical-landgrab.

The track breaks in to three distinctive chapters, opening with a pressurised combination of compressed instrumentation and flurried lyric, prior to expanding in to a lamentation of societal structures built on blinded bigotry and closing with a disconcerted expression of frustration.

Irascible Fuck Brigade doesn’t seek to create music which is easy on the ear, rather to deliver a message of protest that necessarily pulls no punches whilst imploring the listener to break their chains.

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Irascible Fuck Brigade – Slash The Fucking Seats – Audio

Irascible Fuck Brigade is an agit-glitch project from England.

Irascible Fuck Brigade

Irascible Fuck Brigade

Relatively newly out of the blocks Irascible Fuck Brigade has revealed a slew of new material over the past couple of months. The music varies in texture and intensity with diversity between electronica or instrumentation taking the major stage, while lyric rages against a world of ever increasing structural inequality resulting in the 99% needlessly infighting for the entertainment of the 1%.

The most recent song to surface being the electro-driven Slash The Fucking Seats.

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