Tourist Dollars – Ageless – Audio

The Australian indie-haze trio Tourist Dollars are set to release their début eponymous EP on the 10th.

Tourist Dollars - photo credit - Hannah Hawkins

Tourist Dollars – photo credit – Hannah Hawkins

From the forthcoming release (available on bandcamp), the first of the four tracks – Ageless was made available within the past thirty six hours. With its magisterial stride around the room the listener is drawn to the muted thread of gold which laces through the purple haze of fused vocal and synth, with only percussion given room to breathe its solemn passage through the just over three minute track.

Tourist Dollars, in the appropriately named Ageless, deliver a timeless Celtic flow that finds the audience clamouring for a chanting chorus, which never surfaces – which rather than leaving a sense of frustration finds the listener hitting replay immediately to create their own phrases in which to join in with the lilting lullaby.

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