NO ZU – Ui Yia Uia – Video

The Australian funk-wave octet NO ZU are teaming up with Chapter Music to release the LP Afterlife next year.

NO ZU - Ui Yia Uia - artwork

NO ZU – Ui Yia Uia – artwork

The introduction of Ui Yia Uia has been sitting in my email inbox for far longer than it should have been, apologies to all concerned.

This is a track I would call pacing music, for the very rationale that on hitting play, you too will find your feet stomping out to the tribal rhythms of Ui Yia Uia. If you don’t find that to be the case, you are perhaps reading the wrong website.

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Ui Yia Uia – Single – No Zu is available on iTunes.*

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Sonic Hearts Foundation – Afterlife – Video

Sonic Hearts Foundation, from Scotland, have featured a couple of times on the website, most recently a year ago with a review of their début EP Into Forever.

Sonic Hearts Foundation - Afterlife - artwork

Sonic Hearts Foundation – Afterlife – artwork

Whenever I hear the music, I am reminded as to why I like it so much – as industrial malaise – which speaks so much of their home-town of Glasgow – sheers through the speakers.

Their latest offering Afterlife (which is slated for official release on the 11th August) – whilst more electro-pulsing and spacious than much of the previous material, still contains that discordant thumping bass / percussion combination that hammers through the room in a reflection of the realities of the surroundings of Sonic Hearts Foundation with its anomalous life-expectancy compared to the UK average.

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