Exit Vehicles

Exit Vehicles is the angular-rock quartet of Adam Polon, Brian Polon, Jacob McLocklin and Brian Easley from Washington, District Of Columbia, in the USA.

Exit Vehicles - photo by Amanda Reynolds / Plume Photography

Exit Vehicles – photo by Amanda Reynolds / Plume Photography

Combinations of rock and maths-rock give Exit Vehicles a signature sound which is instantly recognizable. Guitars jangle on the upper chords, as the percussion taps on taught strings, giving the music a distinctive timbre, to which the prominent bass gives a well considered counter-balance, whilst the vocal melds across the range.

The sharply carved spaces between notes gives the material a presence which spears its way into the ears. This is not music to think about listening to when planning a quiet background noise to add atmosphere, rather a sound that grabs hold of the audience by the lapels and keeps on shaking, with no let up.

The style of composition and delivery gives the tracks a barren feel, which Exit Vehicles don’t seek to flesh out with superfluous inanity, rather leaves the listener to work with the very skeletal nature and this affords the quartet the ability to provide music which has a panicked feel, keeping the heart ever racing.

Exit Vehicles, are easily able to avoid trying to be too clever. Whilst certainly challenging the cerebrum, the music isn’t inaccessible, once the brain is settled into the space the sounds are more than worth spending time to get to know and their LP STAGES which is set for release on the 3rd July is an engaging forty minutes of asymmetric rock.

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