Antonia Vai

Originally from Sweden now based in Budapest in Hungary Antonia Vai  is the alt-folk out-fit centred around Antonia with Felix Gröndahl (Guitar), Adam Gilinger (percussion) and Adam Zdosek (Bass) – plus players as makes sense.

Antonia Vai - photo by Brian H Neely

Antonia Vai – photo by Brian H Neely

Since first introducing Antonia Vai with a video back in October I have been meaning to come back to write a full review. Steeped in traditions of story-telling, the music resonates of folk, in to which a mix of various influences have been added The resulting out-put has the appeal of the traditional with some delightful twists and turns along the way.

It is the stripped down sounds which are filled with surprising melodies and tempos that gives Antonia Vai the ability to draw a wide audience who don’t need to have an affinity with folk to gain much from spending time in their company. The songs have a sense of urgency of the story to be told, with the iconic vocal, yet are given the space to develop naturally and the music to follow the eddies of the lyric, without ever becoming lost in itself.

A new LP – Stories After Bedtime is set for release this month.


The Pirate’s Waltz – Single – Antonia Vai Band is available on iTunes*.

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