Devana – Hey Sarah – Audio

Devana is a relatively new alt-indie duo from the USA.



It is with an apology I finally come back to Devana. Those who have been here a little while will recall the name Adam Elara, those of more recent stay may recall my mention of struck with a bout of pneumonia earlier in the year, those new, sorry – but, bear with the preamble.

Adam approached me early this year about his new project and wanting to allow me to feature some of the music along with an interview about the new project, but that fell at precisely the time I was at my least congenial and despite updates, I just haven’t managed to catch up with Devana until now…

Released towards the end of last month was the début five track EP Neon Noir. A collection of around eighteen minutes of angst-riven relationship musings, ranging from the confident start of the evening full of bravado to the ponderous walk home to another supper for one.

The opening track Hey Sarah is the confident conversation in the mirror before heading out of the door.

Adam and I will be catching up for a conversation in due course and if you are in a band and would be interested in taking part in the occasional ‘A Conversation With…’ Series please do feel free to send me an email to tim @

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Southerland Nights – Here I Am – Video

Southerland Nights from the USA have a new EP – Destroy Something Beautiful – scheduled for release on the 18th October.

Southerland Nights

Southerland Nights

I will be speaking to Adam Elara at the beginning of October about the EP. For now here is Here I Am, which is track two of the five track release. Lyric boards were submitted as images or video snaps from fans of Southerland Nights from across the world after they put out a message earlier this year to get their fans, who as Adam puts it, are an integral part of the band, asking them for their contribution.

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