The Mcooleys

The Mcooleys based in Palma de Mallorca on the Balearic Islands of Spain is the UK originating alt-rock trio of Adam Booley (Guitar / Vocal), Matthew Booley (Drums) and Jacke Mccan (Bass).

The Mccooleys - alt-rock from the Balearic Islands

The Mccooleys

There is a shimmering sunshine that illuminates the room on hitting play as The Mccooleys resurrect British rock of the likes of The Kinks delivering it a swift boot into the 2010’s and although there is not much to hear at this stage, what there is, is a joy into which to wrap the ears.

The percussion acts as a carborundum to give the guitar a sharpened blade of incision which slices through the air as the bass is allowed to wallow in off-beat providing The Mccooleys with incredible space to afford the vocal to explore the thematics. The trio have built a loyal local live following and with some luck there are words of a new EP for us that don’t live locally to find more of their music – Empty blue skies!.

For those travelling to Mallorca over the summer – I do advise having a look at the local gig listings and if you find The Mccooleys playing, eschew the Clubs with the over-priced drinks and have a fun night out with real musicians.


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