Nate Utley – A Million Songs – Video

Nate Utely is a US acoustic-rock musician.

Nate Utely

Nate Utely

Nate Utely predominately creates music which has an undertow of quiet melancholia as the notes of the guitar ebb and flow around the emotionally laden vocal though the most recent track to surface – A Million Songs – is of a more sprightly nature than previous material with a more upbeat mood than to be expected by taking a listen to the back catalogue.

Time will tell if this is a new direction of travel or a one off showcase of a broader song-writing skill set.


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Narrow Plains – I Should’ve Known – Single Review

The English acoustic rock band Narrow Plains release the single I Should’ve Known on the 2nd of February.

Narrow Plains - I Should've Known

Narrow Plains

A sprightly rock’n’roll number that has the listener stepping through the room in good humour.

Their signature sound of acoustic guitar always lends the music by Narrow Plains a sense of the roots of rock. The backbone is provided by the surrounding electric guitars that create the depth of the compositions with percussion, in this instance, generating the trotting tempo bringing I Should’ve Known alive while the vocal conducts the direction of travel and over all architecture.

I merely hope it isn’t another two years before I come back to Narrow Plains.

I Should’ve Known – Single – Narrow Plains is available on iTunes.*

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Comstock – These Days – Audio

The US acoustic-rock quartet Comstock released the EP These Days on the 30th of December.



The music is layered in curled-blues and southern-folk through which Comstock create songs that have a warming, slightly retrospective feel, in which the listener stretches their limbs and bathe in the soft-light.

Whilst the songs themselves are becalming on the ears, there is much going on inside the compositions as acoustic and electric guitar flow around each other with bass and drum generating the solid structure which creates the space for the vocal to deliver its bewitching presence. Additional instrumentation is deployed within individual pieces as appropriate.

My pick of the release (which is available directly from the Comstock website) being the first of the four and title – These Days.

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Graz – Sunrise Highway – Audio

Graz is an acoustic-rock project from the USA.

Graz - photo by Dan Woulfin

Graz – photo by Dan Woulfin

The music has a flow which minds of settling around a log fire with the heat from the flames comfortably warming the face.

The LP Acoustic Astronaut-Galaxy Traveler Acoustic EP being the most recent collection of material. A six track album which is available on bandcamp which is well worth adding to the collection to put on the – relaxing moments playlist.

I realise that newer readers will be struck how I refer to what the musician clearly states is an EP as an album – longer stayers will know it is all to do with the number of songs on a release as to whether it will be called a single, an EP or an LP.

My pick of the six tracks on the album being the closer Sunrise Highway.

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Taylor Mac – Never Wanted You – Single Review

The US acoustic-rock project Taylor Mac releases the single Never Wanted You on the 17th through Russian Winter Records.

Taylor Mac - Never Wanted You - artwork

Taylor Mac – Never Wanted You – artwork

The listener finds themselves drawn, like iron to a magnet, as the stunning vocal wraps around the room.

The unhurried song, which is essentially only acoustic guitar and voice, is layered with inflection, melody and harmonies which belie the sparse framework creating an immersive composition and finds the audience wanting to hear more – though there isn’t, at this juncture any more than the one song (available on bandcamp) to discover, nor website or even social media page.

I am looking forward to coming back to Taylor Mac with enthusiastic anticipation.

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