Harri Larkin – Sunburn – Audio

The English acoustic-rock outfit Harri Larkin will be releasing their début LP Beach City next year.

Harri Larkin

Harri Larkin

Their only song I have been able to hear – Sunburn – which will be on the album, was released on the 18th as a standalone single and is available on bandcamp.

There is a dour melancholia that slides in to the room as a vaguely emo vocal reference mixes with a sprightly guitar and taut drum-kit while bass provides a solidity of spine resulting in  a track that signals of an album I am looking forward to hearing more from in due course.

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Band of the Month – June 2018 – Readers’ Choice

How did that happen? Half of the calendar months of 2018 have already happened…. The upside being – it is time to discover the Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month for June.

Charlotte Morris - Band Of The Month June 2018

Charlotte Morris

From the USA – the acoustic-rock creator Charlotte Morris.

To New York, With Love – EP – Charlotte Morris is available on iTunes.*

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PUꓘK – Sunshine Kisses – Audio

The English acoustic-rock duo PUꓘK release their début LP Feckless tomorrow.



A catchy collection of eleven roughly hewn songs (available on bandcamp) which invite the listener to join them around the campfire and brush off the dust of the day.

Tracks are oft steeped in southern blues whilst PUꓘK also pop in to the melting pot ’90s garage to create a soundscape of diverse texturing, one moment being a lazily floating ballad the next a more bruising whack to the shin – yet all delivered with a grace and charm that keeps the audience fully engaged and feeling better for the company.

The fourth composition is Sunshine Kisses.

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Charlotte Morris – Call Me Baby – Audio

The US acoustic-rock creator Charlotte Morris revealed the EP To New York, With Love less than a couple of hours ago.

Charlotte Morris

Charlotte Morris

Taking a scathing perspective to the world around, despite the EP title – Charlotte is unafraid to note the bad points of life, whilst choosing to focus more on the better things of a rotting apple and the listener is also led to believe that despite the bad – there is a good heart still beating which needs greater spotlight.

Inevitably, have said all about the positive messages of the five tracks the one that I find most pleasure as the highlight of the release is the second song which is of more consternation – Call Me Baby.


To New York, With Love – EP – Charlotte Morris is available on iTunes.*

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Beach Slang – Throwaways – Audio

The US acoustic-rock project Quiet Slang released the LP Everything Matters But No One Is Listening on the 18th.

Beach Slang - photo credit @haveyoumetian

Beach Slang – photo credit @haveyoumetian

You may be pondering – well if the title of the track includes the name Beach Slang and the reference to the musical act in the article is Quiet Slang there is quite evidently something wrong here. To clarify – Quiet Slang and Beach Slang are both vehicles for James Alex, releasing music under the main vehicle name, which is a garage-rock outfit the other is acoustic led and bracketed in release titles but playing live as the alternative project name.

The penultimate track on the album (which is available on bandcamp) is Throwaways.

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