Justin Franks – Heart Wants – Single Review

The Australian acoustic-folk creator Justin Franks released the single Heart Wants on the 10th.

Justin Franks

Justin Franks

Perhaps it is just coincidence, or  may be not, that I often find with musicians who have spent years with an itinerant lifestyle, their music has a calming touch, tonality along with a reach that extends around the world.

Franks, who spent decades out at sea, now docked to a harbour, has created in Heart Wants a song that immediately minds, longer stay readers on the site will also spot, of the music by the Swedish musician Steffan Rundquist.

I get the feeling the world would be a calmer place if more people pulled up their roots for a while and discovered that borders between countries are just lines on a map and they don’t need to divide people.


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Only The Reign – I Am – Audio

Only The Reign is a Welsh acoustic-folk duo.

Only The Reign

Only The Reign

Earlier this month they released their latest LP, the six track, Tea Tree.

An album marked by harmonies which swim through the ears akin to a school of fish in ever changing shapes and flows leaving the listener enraptured by the hypnotic melodies. It is unsurprising that Only The Reign can regularly be caught in live performance with an ever growing audience and a delight they are able to find time to put together recorded material for those of us not within reach of their gigs.

By way of an introduction to a duo I look forward to hearing more from in short order – the second song on the album – I Am.

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Tea Tree – EP – Only The Reign is available on iTunes.*

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Mia & Tuesday – Filling In The Space – Audio

Mia & Tuesday is an English acoustic-folk duo.

Mia & Tuesday - Filling In The Space

Mia & Tuesday

The strength of their songs is counter-intuitively the fragility, as once again evidenced in the latest song to surface Filling In The Space, which  is marked by the vocal harmonies that give the track an ethereal presence as it drifts quietly through the room.

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John Smith – Living In Disgrace – Audio

The English acoustic folk creator John Smith releases the LP Headlong on the 30th.

John Smith

John Smith

Within the past three hours Living In Disgrace from the forthcoming album surfaced.

Revealing music that reflects of the realities of life, yet always finding light in moments of bittersweet reflection –  Living In Disgrace narrates of the importance of relationships over adversity – resultingly from a despondent moment is a perspective that the frippery of possession pales in to insignificance when weighed against the potential of unconscionable loss and through the dark cloud rises a composition of thoughtful tenderness.


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Gallery 47 – Lefty – Audio

The English acoustic-folk project Gallery 47 is set to release the LP Bad Production on the 5th of May.

Gallery 47 - Lefty

Gallery 47 – Lefty

Underpinning the music is always a reflective of social mores, which are rarely pushed to forefront as Gallery 47 commentates with a wary eye on the world surrounding.

From the forthcoming LP Lefty casts brighter spotlight on starting point, with more explicit fulmination of structural imbalance.

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