Maia Eavan – Little Lover – Audio

The English acoustic alt-rock creator Maia Eavan released the three track single Maia on the 12th.

Maia Eavan - Photo credit - Rhiann Tintor

Maia Eavan – Photo credit – Rhiann Tintor

There is a forlorn fragility that spreads across the room on hitting play as guitar creates the open architecture of the songs through which the mesmerising vocal threads silken latticework resulting in compositions that mind of a frosty spiders web glistening in dawn sunlight in which the listener looses their sense of the surroundings.

I look forward to hearing more from Maia Eavan in short order and by way of an introduction the opening track – Little Lover.


Maia – Single – Maia Eavan is available on iTunes.*

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Cosmo Jarvis – Be Sorry – Video

It was back in 2014 that the acoustic alt-rock creator Cosmo Jarvis last featured.

Cosmo Jarvis - Be Sorry

Cosmo Jarvis

The newly revealed psychedelic number Be Sorry – featuring Phil Walker and McKenzie Snyder, attests that whilst now predominately producing films when Cosmo heads back to the world of music he is as socially aware and acerbic as his initial introduction back in 2011.

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John Myrtle – The World Will Keep Spinning Round – Single Review

John Myrtle is an English acoustic alt-rock creator.

John Myrtle - Photo by Niralee Modha

John Myrtle – Photo by Niralee Modha

An experienced musician, it is only recently that John has struck out with a solo project and a couple of tracks have surfaced, both having a slightly ’60s retro feel to them, though each quite different. The most recent of which is The World Will Keep Spinning Round.

The composition launches with a pronounced beat that the listener finds themselves involuntarily dipping alongside, with hints of the jazz and R&B influences of the era surfacing – keeping the just over one and a half minute long track trotting along at a fair old lick.

Given the two pieces to have surfaced thus far, I am hoping that 2017 will discover more by John Myrtle and I look forward to keeping you up to date on developments.

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