The Lucid Dream – Zenith (part 2) – Video

The Lucid Dream, an acid-house outfit from England, release the LP Actualisation on the 19th of October.

The Lucid Dream - Zenith (part 2)

The Lucid Dream

From the forthcoming release – Zenith (part 2) – is unexpectedly brief, coming in at less than three minutes, particularly given its luxurious palette of colours which wash through the room and envelop the listener in a dub fused mellowness.

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The Lucid Dream – SX1000 – Video

The English acid-house outfit The Lucid Dream are working on a new LP, their fourth.

The Lucid Dream - SX1000

The Lucid Dream

It was back in 2016 that The Lucid Dream last featured and the gap of time finds them in very different mood. At the time very much a psychedelic manifest, the first track to surface from the album – which will itself be released as a standalone single on the 6th of April – SX1000 (be aware video contains flashing images), discovers a ’90s dancefloor filler of stonking acid-house.

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