Claudio Cataldi

Claudio Cataldi from Palermo in Sicily produces an acid folk sound as a solo musician.

Claudio Cataldi - acid folk from Sicily

Claudio Cataldi

I have oft commented how coming back to music can resonate as much as timings of first listening, which makes for being a music reviewer such a pleasure, you know my mood at the time of writing the review as much as I do. I happen to be in one of my rare spots of mellow-mindedness and this sits well.

Luxuriating in a field of violin, viola and Spanish guitar Р Claudio Cataldi evokes a sense of rustling breezes with his evocations of nature slip through the speakers. The embracing of electronic guitar and bass gives the music an added texture which provides, surprisingly, an even more earthy feel as the instruments are deployed to stir the sense of mother nature and listening through the latest release Homing Season, the listener is rooted in ploughed fields of sodden clay with their promise of a bountiful summer crop to follow Рseemingly forlorn, yet optimistic.

The music is evocative of the season, as with the previous releases over the past five years, which are timed to reflect the season, yet somehow as with Cohen, whilst it can be taken in a crowd this is music best digested as a solitary feast at dusk.


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