Absent Minded Professors – Flushed – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Absent Minded Professors released the EP Flushed on the 15th.

Absent Minded Professors - Flushed

Absent Minded Professors

The new release (available on bandcamp) finds Absent Minded Professors in a different frame of mind than music of theirs featured previously with a searing heat burning out of the speakers as the high-impact rock fires through the room. That isn’t to say the layering of earlier material has disappeared as in addition to delivering punch they are also able to vary the dynamics within tracks to create a sound which has a slightly psychedelic flow.

The title track and first of the five on the EP – Flushed – serves as a good introduction to the ensuing texturing within the complete release.

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Absent Minded Professors – Lava Lamp – Audio

The US sludge trio Absent Minded Professors released the EP Songs From the Attic earlier in the month.

Absent Minded Professors

Absent Minded Professors

A four track release (available on bandcamp) that fills the the room with hanging baskets of moss from which the sounds drip akin to an aural depiction of Knudsen diffusion.

My selection, from an EP of munificence, is the closer Lava Lamp.

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