New Year Ninety 2014 – 10 to 2

Reaching the penultimate section of the 2014 New Year Ninety.

Emerging Indie Bands - New Year Ninety 10 - 2

Emerging Indie Bands – New Year Ninety 10 – 2

10. Deerman (Belgium)

9. New Found Land (Sweden / Germany)

The Hunter – New Found Land is available on iTunes*.

8. The Dirty Panties (USA)

I Am a Robot – The Dirty Panties is available on iTunes*.

7. Blood Sport (England)

6. Blaire Alise & The Bombshells (USA)

Run & Hide – Blaire Alise & The Bombshells is available on iTunes*.

5. The Vinyl Records (India)

4. Above Orange (Sweden)

Unreal City – Above Orange is available on iTunes*.

3. The Late Twos (Northern Ireland)

The Late Twos is available on iTunes*.

2. The Struts (England)

Could Have Been Me – The Struts is available on iTunes*.

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Band of the Month – November 2013 – Readers Choice

Unlike last month when it was nip and tuck between any of of five bands for the band of the month, this time round it has been a clear choice made by the readers.

Above Orange - Band of the month - November 2013 - Readers choice

Above Orange – Band of the month – November 2013 – Readers choice

The band of the month for November 2013 selected by the readers is the Swedish band Above Orange, who kindly gave permission to stream  a track, not previously publicly available, taken from their debut EP Unreal City which comes out on the 5th December – Chamber Of Ours.

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Above Orange

Above Orange from Malmö in Sweden is the alt indie quintet of Arvid ÖbergAxel LindbäckDavid ScholanderOscar Kangro and Alexandra Manhammar.

Above Orange - Alt indie from Sweden

Above Orange

The material Above Orange delivers seems to emerge from a rising mist in a shrouded wood as the plaintiff vocal steeped in anguish is accompanied by instruments which fade in out out of earshot. Their six track debut EP Unreal City which is released on the 6th December is twenty one minutes of gorgeous music that makes Leonard Cohen seem like a Birthday Party singer.

Heavily influenced by another country of wide spaces – Canada, I guess this is what happens when Canada and Scandinavia get together and I for one wish there was much more of it about. Tracks are slowed to a funereal pace and the listener is given an experience in sensory angst. High pitched guitar notes spike eerily through the atmospheric melancholic backdrop and the audience becomes drawn into the unfolding storyline as Above Orange proffer an emotional tremulous exposé.

Best perhaps not to invest time listening with a packet of razorblades to hand and a deep depression, else as the saying goes, this is music to die for, may become more than a cliché. If you enjoy music with a strong emotional context, there is little better around and I most certainly look forward to hearing more of Above Orange.


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