Hastings 3000 – Modern Man – Video

Hastings 3000 from the USA has created a new video.

Hastings 3000 - Modern Man

Hastings 3000 – Modern Man

Modern Man is a scathing look at the values held high in a fracturing society and is taken from the LP A New Monster (which is available on iTunes*).

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Hastings 3000

Hasting 3000 is the alt-rock vehicle for Joe Hastings from Minneapolis in the USA to explore his perceptions.

Hastings 3000 - alt rock from the USA

Hastings 3000

With a somewhat experimental air about it the seemingly unstructured exploration of Hastings 3000 is wrapped inside hammering percussion. The guitars and vocals are in the main distorted giving the drums ever more presence and the overall effect is one of primordial existentialism.

However there is far more to Hastings 3000 than just a bedroom project as he can often be found in live performance and from what I have been able to ascertain these are frenetic events. The very panicky nature of the music lends it an air of absolute relevance, just don’t expect a regular song structure’ to hit the ears too often.

Whilst leaving the head reeling from the pounding beat the sounds are readily accessible as although not highly structured it makes perfect sense.

Moreover how could I not enjoy an act who made a cover version of Ça plane pour moi by the Belgian artist Plastic Bertrand. If you want swooping melodies and dance-hall Hastings 3000 is not for you, if on the other-hand you want something that your head can engage with, this is ideal.


A New Monster – Hastings 3000 is available on iTunes*.

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.