Illuminatè Steele – A Darker Shade of Heaven (featuring Elektra Cute) – Video

The US seductive electrogoth creator Illuminatè Steele releases the LP Davidian Sex Club on the 13th of March.

Illuminatè Steele - photo credit - Dan Norman

Illuminatè Steele – photo credit – Dan Norman

It is of little surprise I am late to getting round to featuring this track which has been hanging around in my email inbox since early this month – as I have ever since been attempting to untie myself from the bonds of purple sash with limbs encased in baby oil fastened to the bed rails of a cage encased within a dungeon to which I was transported when this arrived on the 9th – or is that all just a figment of my imagination – try A Darker Shade of Heaven and I think you will be more empathetic than you are at this moment in time.


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