Love X Stereo – Maybe I – Video

Recently relocated to England from South Korea the electrowave outfit Love X Stereo are currently working towards the release of the LP – 37.

Love X Stereo - Maybe I

Love X Stereo

Most recently to surface is Maybe I – from the forthcoming release – a song steeped in a sorrowful template that seeps through the bone-marrow of the audience with its softly brushed furnishings.

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Blondblackblonde is a musical trio based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Band members Micah Kessel, Matīss Čudars and Lennart Heyndels are active musicians in different musical scenes of various genres, namely jazz and free impro, classical music and opera, folk rock and singer-songwriter music, thus the sound of blondblackblonde has elements of all the above mentioned musical genres, but music labelling is the last thing they wanna do.



Vocalist Micah comes from NYC where he has been active as a classical singer in various classical music chamber ensembles and operas, while regularly stretching his abilities is poem writing and song writing. For the last decade he’s living in Europe, making musical, visual and dance artworks.

Guitar player Matīss comes from Latvia and has been involving himself in the jazz and free impro music. Graduate of Amsterdam Conservatory, Matīss has released his solo album “Melancholia“, touring Europe as a solo artist, sideman of various improvised music projects and the leader of his own “Matīss Čudars Quartet“.

Belgian bassist Lennart is a various award winning bass player with a strong root in experimental jazz music. He is most notable for his leadership of the rapidly thriving three female voice and bass band “How Town“, where Lennart challenges his compositional abilities and combines them with somewhat simple singer-songwriter spirit.

Blondblackblonde is the combination of these 3 elements. They’re interested in stretching the boundaries of instant songwriting, often taking a song just as a framework for lots of musical surprises and spontaneous interactions yet to come.

Blondblackblonde was one of the finalists of the BOS-showcase-contest in Belgium and will be on the BOS-vinyl that has its release on Record Store Day April the 16th 2016.

My thanks again to Sarah for making the time for her weekly view of musical prowess in The Benelux.

From the LP 37. which is available on bandcamp Erotica 8×8.

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